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The FAB1-10 laser (ATTOLab Orme)

ATTOLab-Orme is a new infrastructure commissioned in 2016 for Ultra Fast studies at the femtosecond and Attosecond temporal scale. It combines the FAB1-10 laser, XUV femto / attosecond pulse generators based on high harmonic generation in gases and experimental stations for ultrafast dynamics in gas and solid phase.

The FAB1-10 laser

Based on the technique of chirped pulse amplification in titanium-sapphire, the FAB1-10 laser delivers at 1 kHz and 10 kHz ultrashort, CEP (Carrier Envelope Phase) stabilized pulses.

Synoptic of the FAB1-10 laser

The FAB1-10 laser

The FAB1-10 laser comprises a "front-end" consisting of the oscillator, the stretcher and 3 preamplifier stages operating at 10 kHz. The second and third preamplifier stages are based on a 2-cristal design that assures an excellent spatial profile even when high pump energies are used [Golinelli et al., OPTICS LETTERS 42 (12), 2326 (2017)]. The power at the front end output is 7.5W (750μJ per pulse).
The "front-end" seeds 2 power amplifiers operating respectively at 1 kHz (FAB1 channel) and 10 kHz (FAB10 channel). The power obtained after compression is 15W for FAB1 and 20W for FAB10 with sub 25fs pulse duration.

Laser channel

Rep. rate

Pulse duration

Energy per pulse

Energy stability (rms)

CEP stability (shot to shot)


1 kHz

24 fs

15 mJ


350 mrad


10 kHz

23 fs

2 mJ


250 mrad

Performances of the FAB1-10 laser



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