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BD diffusons les neutrons

ICONE : an accelerator-driven neutron source

The LLB is currently evaluating the performances which can be achieved with high brillance "High Current Accelerator-driven Neutron Source" (HiCANS). The aim is to be able to provide to the French neutron scattering community access to a suite of workshorse instruments on-par with the current LLB instruments at the horizon 2025.

In 2019 a big step forward has been acheived with the demonstration of efficiency of this type of facility (see DRF highlight in French) .

In 2022 a second step forward has been acheived with the test of a new high power target (see Iramis highlight in French or DRF highlight in French) 

In 2023 the White Book "ICONE, une nouvelle source de diffusion neutronique française" has been published.


(ICONE stands for Installation COmpacte de NEutrons in French of Innovative COmpact NEutron facility in English)


The possible layout of such a facility is presented below.  A compact proton accelerator would send proton pulses on two targets: a long pulse / low frequency target (2ms pulses, 20 Hz repetition rate) to low resolution instruments such as SANS, reflectometer, imaging and a short pulse / high frequency target (200µs, 100Hz) to higher resolution instruments (diffraction, ToF, spectroscopy).


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