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Mass spectrometry
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Mass spectrometry is an instrumental technique of analysis resting on the separation, identification and quantification of the components of a sample according to their mass. Thus atoms, molecules or aggragates are extracted in the form of ions, then sorted by a dispersive system: sector of electric or magnetic field, quadripolar filter or time of flight.
#893 - Last update : 09/21 2007
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Even if some major elements like P and Mn sign ores such as iron ore of Lorraine or the ores of the Pyrenees, the major elements are not enough to trace the chemical signature of an ore, the use of the traces elements. These archaeological samples being heterogeneous a total analysis of the sample is essential. Moreover in order to distinguishing the most areas possible, a maximum of elements must be analyzed (Sc, Co, Ni, Rb, Cs, Ba, Ce, Sm, Eu, Yb, Hf, Th, U, Co, Ni).


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