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iNanoTheRad : un programme IDEX de l'Université Paris-Saclay pour les domaines : Biologie et chimie des radiations, Signalisation cellulaire et cancer




The NanoTheRad project is an IRS (Initiative de Recherche Stratégique) of Paris-Saclay University. The aim is the improvement and personalization of treatments to increase cure rates and reduce side effects of cancer treatments by radiation

In answer to these major medical, cognitive and societal challenges, the project gather chemists, physicists, biologists and clinician in multidisciplinary research programs for the development of innovative protocols in radiotherapy based on the concomitant use of new sources of irradiation and nanoagents or radio-sensitizing molecules.

Nano-objects and ultra-high dose rate sources exploitation is a niche of research that is growing in Europe and in the World to improve cancer treatments by radiotherapy. The NanoTheRad consortium will contribute by developing new strategies, original tools and products as well as improving the understanding of their properties and mode of actions. 

This project started in September 2016 until June 2020 and federates 27 laboratories, 36 teams composed of around 80 researchers of Paris-Saclay, with a budget of around 1 M€.


Contacts :

  • Gérard Baldacchino (LIDYL/DICO)









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