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Scientific Goal
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The Francis Perrin Laboratory carries on research in the field of physical chemistry. A large part of the projects is dedicated to the interaction between light (UV-visible-IR) and molecular systems and are pursued along four interconnected objectives:

  • Describe the fundamental processes involved when light interacts with a molecular system, e.g. processes relevant to femtochemistry or induced by collective effects (biomolecules, clusters)
  • Unravel the mechanisms underlying natural phenomena, such as protein folding or carcinogenic mutations, by using light
  • Contribute to the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology
  • Elaborate new applications in the field of environment, alternate energy resources, health…


#552 - Last update : 06/20 2013
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Brief introduction to ion acceleration : Undoubtedly, the acceleration of charged particles has been one of the most active research fields in the physics of laser-matter interaction all along the last ten years.
Imaging XUV interferometer : Internal conversion frequency imaging interferometer at 32nm   Interferometry allows for getting electronic density information in 2D.
Members of MHDE group : Permanent researchers : Thomas Blenski +33 1 69 08 96 64 thomas.blenski@cea.
Modeling DNA excitons : Modeling DNA excitons We have modeled the Franck-Condon excited states of DNA duplexes and G-quadruplexes.
Perspectives : Next steps in research on laser driven ion acceleration in Saclay Relying on a rich set of human resources, technical expertise and equipment, we are going to implement an ambitious program of research.
Plasma diagnostic : .....................
Reflectivity measurement in the XUV domain : Spectrally and temporally resolved reflectivity measurement for studying the temporal evolution of a dense plasma of interest for the Warm Dense Matter problematic.

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