The Laboratory Interactions, Dynamics and Lasers - LIDYL is a research laboratory associated with three organisms: CEA, CNRS within the Paris Saclay University. Its activities are focused on the fundamental processes involved in the interaction between radiation and matter.

The research projects range from attosecond electron dynamics in simple atomic and molecular systems to the reactivity of biomolecules on the millisecond time-scale, going through plasma studies.
New insight on the simultaneous H2 and HNO2 production in concentrated HNO3 aqueous solutions under alpha radiation
Musat RM, Roujou J-L, Dauvois V, Ferry M, Marchand C & Baldacchino G. - RSC Adv. 2021

Suppression of thermal nanoplasma emission in clusters strongly ionized by hard x-rays
Kumagai Y, Jurek Z, Xu W, Saxena V, Fukuzawa H, Motomura K, Iablonskyi D, Nagaya K, Wada S-i, Ito Y, Takanashi T, Yamada S, Sakakibara Y, Hiraki TN, Umemoto T, Patanen M, Bozek JD, Dancus I, Cernaianu M, Miron C & al. - J. Phys. B. 2021

In Situ Sub-50-Attosecond Active Stabilization of the Delay Between Infrared and Extreme-Ultraviolet Light Pulses
Luttmann M, Bresteau D, Hergott J-F, Tcherbakoff O & Ruchon T. - Phys. Rev. Applied. 2021
Jul 22, 2017
Les paires d’ions, atomiques ou moléculaires, sont naturellement omniprésentes, dans l’eau de mer, les aérosols et jusqu’au sein des organismes vivants.
Apr 17, 2017
Les vortex optiques sont des faisceaux de lumière à plan d’onde hélicoïdaux porteurs de moment angulaire orbital (OAM), comme le montre leur capacité à induire un mouvement de rotation de la matière.

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