LIDYL (UMR9222) is a research laboratory associated with three organisms: CEA, CNRS and Paris Saclay University. Its activities are focused on the fundamental processes involved in the interaction between radiation and matter.

The research projects range from attosecond electron dynamics in simple atomic and molecular systems to the reactivity of biomolecules on the millisecond time-scale, going through plasma studies.


Time-resolved inner-shell photoelectron spectroscopy: From a bound molecule to an isolated atom
Brauße F, Goldsztejn G, Amini K, Boll R, Bari S, Bomme C, Brouard M, Burt M, de Miranda BC, Düsterer S, Erk B, Géléoc M, Geneaux R, Gentleman AS, Guillemin R, Ismail I, Johnsson P, Journel L, Kierspel T, Köckert H, Küpper J, Lablanquie P, Lahl J, Lee JWL, Mackenzie SR, Maclot S, Manschwetus B, Mereshchenko AS, Mullins T, Olshin PK, Palaudoux J, Patchkovskii S, Penent F, Piancastelli MN, Rompotis D, Ruchon T and al... - Phys. Rev. A. 2018

An experimental and theoretical study of the photoelectron spectra of cis-dichloroethene: Valence shell vertical ionization and vibronic coupling in the low-lying cationic states
Trofimov AB, Powis I, Menzies RC, Holland DMP, Antonsson E, Patanen M, Nicolas C, Miron C, Skitnevskaya AD, Gromov EV and Köppel H. - J. Chem.Phys. 2018

Femtosecond Fluorescence Upconversion Study of a Naphthalimide-Bithiophene-Triphenylamine Push-Pull Dye in Solution
Maffeis V, Brisse R, Labet V, Jousselme B and Gustavsson T. - J. Phys. Chem. A. 2018

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