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UHI's recent developments

UHI100 is the most intense laser at LIDYL/SLIC. It is mostly used by the LIDYL/PHI group to study laser-matter interaction at ultra-high intensity. Topics of research mostly concern generation and applications of fast particles and attosecond intense XUV beams.

UHI100 delivers 100TW at 10Hz with 25fs pulse duration. Intensities on target in the 1019-1020 W/cm2 range have being obtained using a deformable mirror. UHI100 also features a very high temporal contrast obtained thanks to 2 temporal filterings steps. First, a saturable absorber in the front end enables to get temporal contrast as high as 109 at the compressor output. Second, a double plasma mirror (DPM) is inserted between the compressor and the experimental chamber to further increase the temporal contrast. Former measurements indicate that the DPM improves the temporal contrast by 104 yielding to a contrast on target beyond 1012.


The UHI100 laser


The first temporal cleaning step based on a saturated absorber is visible at the foreground.

The UHI100 laser is coupled to two radiation-protected experimental areas, fully equipped for ultrahigh intensity experiments under vacuum. The diagnostics available include Thomson parabola for ion detection, magnetic spectrometer, XUV spectrometer and CCD camera for spatial characterisation of the particle and XUV beams. These installations are used and operated by the LIDYL/PHI group.



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