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14. Unexpected Behavior of the InSb Alloy in Mg-Ion Batteries: Unlocking the Reversibility of Sb.
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13. Coupled LiPF6 Decomposition and Carbonate Dehydrogenation Enhanced by Highly Covalent Metal Oxides in High-Energy Li-ion Batteries. 
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11. Probing Surface Chemistry Changes Using LiCoO2-only Electrodes in Li-Ion Batteries.
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10. One-Electron Mechanism in a Gel–Polymer Electrolyte Li–O2 Battery.
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9. Evaluation and Stability of PEDOT Polymer Electrodes for Li–O2 Batteries.
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8. Electrode–Electrolyte Interface in Li-Ion Batteries: Current Understanding and New Insights.
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2. New insights into the silicon-based electrode’s irreversibility along cycle life through simple gravimetric method.
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1. Synthesis of boron-doped Si particles by ball milling and application in Li-ion batteries.
S. Rousselot, M. Gauthier, D. Mazouzi, B. Lestriez, D. Guyomard and L. Roué, J. Power Sources, 202, 262, (2012)




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