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Laboratoire de Structure et Dynamique par Résonance Magnétique

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CNRS Researcher - CR1 

Research Interests

1. Developments of MAS-based NMR spectrscopy for metabolomics applications 

2. NMR spectroscopy of electrochemistry

Research Experiences

2011 - present      CNRS-CR1 Rearch Scientist, CEA-Saclay, France

2008 - 2011           Invited Research Scientist, CEA-Saclay, France

2005 - 2008           Post-Doc at University of Warwick, England

Selected Relevant Publications (from a total of 65) 

1.  N. T. Duong, Y. Endo, T. Nemoto, H. Kato, A-K Bouzier-Sore, Y. Nishiyama,  A. Wong. 'Evaluation of a high-resolution micro-size magic angle spinning (HRuMAS) probe for NMR-based metabolic studies of nanometer samples' Anal. Methods 2016, 8, 6815-6820.

2.   Y. Nishiyama, Y. Endo, T. Nemoto, A-K Bouzier-Sore, A. Wong. 'High-resolution NMR-based metabolic detection of microgram biopsies using a 1 mm HRuMAS probe' Analyst 2015, 140, 8097-8100.

3.    A. Wong, X. Li, L. Molin, F. Solari, B. Elena-Hermann, D. Sakellariou. 'uHR-MAS NMR spectroscopy for metabolic phenotyping of caenorhabditis elegans' Anal. Chem. 2014, 86, 6064-6070.

4.   A. Wong, C. Boutin, P.M. Aguiar. '1H high resolution magic-angle coil spinning (HR-MACS) uNMR metabolic profiling of whole saccharomyces cervisiae cells: a demonstrative study' Front. Chem. 2014, 2, 38.  

5.    F. Poli, A. Wong, JS. Ksherimayum, L. Monconduit, M. Letellier 'In situ NMR insights into the electrochemical reaction of Cu3P electrodes in lithium batteries' Chem. Mat. 2016, 28, 1787-1793.








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