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IRAMIS, "Saclay Institute of Matter and Radiation", gathers 6 Units or Laboratories with scientific research activities on Condensed Matter, Atoms and Molecules. Most units are associated with other partners : CNRS , École Polytechnique and ENSICAEN.

Our research topics:
- Nanoscience
- Radiation-matter interaction
- Materials and complex systems

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img Call for proposal at the LLB : 1/5/2015   

The first session of 2015's Selection Committees at Laboratoire Leon Brillouin (CEA-Saclay, France) for neutron diffraction experiments to be performed end of 2015 will take place soon. The deadline for submission of proposals for beam time allocation, on our spectrometers installed around the ORPHEE reactor has been moved to May 1st 2015.

!!Please use : the available new form (click here) !!

Latest news :

  • Proposals are suggested to be written in english
  • Think in asking for beam time on TPA to increase your wavevector range to lower Q
A. Menelle, 2015-01-27


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