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IRAMIS, "Saclay Institute of Matter and Radiation", gathers 7 Units or Laboratories with scientific research activities on Condensed Matter, Atoms and Molecules. Most units are associated with other partners : CNRS , École Polytechnique and ENSICAEN.

Our research topics:
- Nanoscience
- Radiation-matter interaction
- Materials and complex systems

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Thèse de Thibaut Jullien 


   Thibaut Jullien (SPEC-GNE) soutiendra sa thèse intitulée:

   Mesoscopic, on-demand  few-electron voltage pulse source

      jeudi 17 Avril 2014 à 15h30 à l'amphi Claude Bloch, Bât 772 (Orme des Merisiers)

Abstract_Thibaut_Jullien_3_.pdf (145 Ko)
G. Jasmin-lebras, 2014-04-10