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Attosecond spectroscopy: Study of the photoionization dynamics of atomic gases close to resonances
Christina Alexandridi
Groupe Attophysique (ATTO)
Wed, Dec. 19th 2018, 14:30-16:30
Amphi Galilée, Bâtiment 713 C, Orme des Merisiers

The interaction of intense laser pulses with atomic and molecular gases results in exceptionally short bursts of XUV light, through the process of high-order harmonic generation of the fundamental laser frequency. This ultrashort radiation, in the attosecond (10^-18 s) range, allows detailed investigations of ultrafast electron dynamics in matter. The work of this thesis consists in studying the photoionization delays close to different types of resonances, using the Rainbow RABBIT technique. This is a two-color interferometric technique (XUV + IR) that allows access to the time required for the electron to escape the atomic potential with high resolution. We are particularly interested in two cases: i) autoionizing resonances which are spectrally narrow (tens of meV) and ii) Cooper-type minima which have a spectral width of some eV. The effect of these continuum structures on the corresponding ionization dynamics is studied.

Contact : Pascal SALIERES


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