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ATI and Isotopic Photodissociation»
Pr Naseem RAHMAN
University of Trieste
Fri, Nov. 06th 2015, 10:30-12:00
LIDYL Bât.522, Grande salle 137-138, CEA-Saclay

ATI and  isotopic photodissociation are now established fields. Both promise numerous applications either theoretical or practical. However research in these two fields have followed separate paths. For example, ATI has been used to produce high energy electron table top accelerators and also has been connected with HOOG, which is a good ultraviolet source. For the isotopic selective photodissociation, one can enrich U135, which is needed to produce the atom bomb. One has to substitute UF6 for SF6. The x-ray emitted in the atomic bomb with Uranium can then be used to produce a Hydrogen bomb using the x-rays emitted. The design is due to Teller-Ulam in the USA and Shakarov- Zeldovitch in the USSR. The future of research in both fields will be explained.

Contact : Caroline LEBE


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