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Research axes - Mesoscopic Physics and Thermoelectricity
Group of Mesoscopic Physics and Thermoelectricity

Our main research axes are listed below.


Thermoelectric conversion in phase-coherent nanostructures

A first axis of research consists in investigating how can be extended the concepts developed for charge transport without temperature gradient for a better thermoelectric conversion (combined transport of charge and energy driven by combined voltage and temperature gradients). We study the mesoscopic fluctuations in energy harvesting and in Peltier cooling at scales where the electron coherence plays a role. Our studies concern chaotic cavities and disordered nanowires. Particular attention has been paid for the thermoelectric conversion near the band edges and the spectrum edges. Know more


Thermoelectricity of electrolytes

Since thermoelectricity probes the entropy carried by the charged carriers, a second axis of research consists in investigating the thermoelectric efficiency of very large ions in various solutions. Huge values of the Seebeck coefficient have thus been observed in organic electrolytes. This work is done in collaboration with SPHYNX group at SPEC. Know more


Scanning gate microscopy of nanostructures

Another series of studies concerns the scanning gate microscopy of nanostructures, like quantum dots or quantum point contacts, which are lithographically defined in two dimensional electron gases. The interference images obtained by scanning the tip of an atomic force microscope above the 2D electron gas provide new insights into the intrinsic properties of such nanostructures. In particular, the degree of electronic correlation in the constriction can thus be probed. Know more


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