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Group of Mesoscopic Physics and Thermoelectricity
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Welcome to the webpage of the group "Mesoscopic Physics and Thermoelectricity"! The group was formed in late 2010 in order to better understand the theoretical aspects of thermoelectricity, at a fundamental level. It is part of the strategy of the CEA to develop its research activities on renewable energies.


    The group in September 2013

    We are a small group of theorists, working all together on the emergent field of thermoelectricity. The group, headed by Jean-Louis Pichard, is made up of three CEA researchers and typically one PhD student and one or two post-docs.

  • Want to apply ? Contact us

    If you are interested in our activities and want to work in our group, do not hesitate to contact us. We have typically one open position per year for a postdoctoral student and from time to time, a position for a PhD student (CEA funding is sometimes possible). Graduate and undergraduate students are also welcomed to visit the lab!

  • Advertisement : lectures on thermoelectricity at Collège de France

    Antoine Georges, professor at Collège de France and researcher at Ecole Polytechnique, gave a series of lectures on thermoelectricity at Collège de France in March and April 2013. Audio/video recordings of the lectures are available online. Another session "mesoscopic thermoelectricity" will take place in november-december 2013 (more details).

  • Conference on thermoelectricity in Cargèse

    We organized in september 2012 a conference on thermoelectricity. The talks given by the participants are available on the website of the conference. It gives an idea of the group's research interests.




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