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Univ. Paris-Saclay
Sources quantiques de micro-ondes par transfert tunnel inélastique de paires de Cooper / Quantum microwave sources from inelastic Cooper pair tunneling
Lundi 15/06/2020, 14:00-16:00
En visio

The defense will be held online (in french) on BBCollaborate (follow the public link).


The probabilistic charge transfer in tunnel junctions is a source of current noise, which can be picked up by the environment of the junction where it creates electromagnetic excitations - or photons. In this thesis, we demonstrate that a superconducting tunnel junction coupled to a tailored environment can act as a bright source of quantum microwave radiation. The energy required to create photons is extracted from a DC voltage source during the inelastic tunnelling of Cooper pair through the junction. We detect this emitted light and study its properties with quantum optics tools adapted to the microwave domain. We characterize the single-photon nature of the light emitted in a single mode strongly coupled to a junction, as well as the entanglement of photon pairs emitted in a two modes at different frequencies. In addition to a better understanding of the charge-light coupling in coherent conductors, this work could lead to new ways of manipulating information at the quantum level.


  • Jacqueline Bloch,
  • Benjamin Huard,
  • Nicolas Roch,
  • Nicolas Treps,
  • and Xavier Waintal
  • Anne Anthore and Jean-Jacques Greffet : invited members.
Contact : Fabien PORTIER


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