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[RESEAU FEMTO] 2nd Annonce: Femto-UP 2020-21 online 8 Mars - 29 Mars 2021  


This is the 2nd and last announcement of the occurrence of the CNRS School « Femto-UP 2020-21: Ultrafast lasers technologies and applications », online from March 8th to March 29th, 2021, supported by the French networks “réseau femto” and “GDR UP”. The School targets master/PhD students, post-docs, as well as confirmed scientists who wish to learn more about the field. The 2020-21 Edition of the School adopts a new, online, international format including numerical praticals and tutorials in addition to conventional lectures. 

Please visit the Femto-UP 2020-21 website and REGISTER before February, the 28th. Registration is free but compulsory to receive the connection links

S. Jubera, dépêche du 22/02/2021


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