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Univ. Paris-Saclay
Invitation to join the "Conference on Compact Neutron Sources" U-CANS 8 in Paris 8-11 july 2019  


On behalf of the International Committee of the Union of the Compact Accelerator based Neutron Sources (U-CANS), the next meeting UCANS 8 is announced to be held in Paris 8-11th of July 2019.

Compact Accelerator based Neutron Sources (CANS) are to day a possible new type of source for neutron scattering experiments. Th eobjective of the conference is to inform the scientific community on the current status of these techniques, to share expertise and address questions of common interest for a wide variety of use of neutron scattering.

The workshop will focus on three major aspects of CANS :

  • Accelerators (Accelerator and beam optics)
  • Target/Moderator (Target, Moderator neutronics, Nuclear data, Computer simulations, Material characterization)
  • Instruments/Scientific applications (Innovative instrumentation, Optical devices, Neutron detection, Medical Applications)

Flyer of the workshop. Abstract submission: March 1st - April 1st. Registration opening: May 1st. visit of the neutron center at Saclay (accelerator IPHI, LLB) is proposed on July 11th. WEB site of the UCANS 8 conference.

Conferences fees : 300 euros including lunch, coffee breaks, social dinner and conference proceedings.

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