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Entanglement without nonlocality
University of Leeds
Mercredi 14/01/2009, 11:00
SPEC Bât 774, p.50, Orme des Merisiers
Entanglement is usually viewed as inherently nonlocal in character, and as the generator of nonlocality in quantum mechanics. It seems to allow distant systems to influence each other instantaneously, but in such a way that we can never directly harness this 'signal'. In this talk I will show how, contrary to this idea, entanglement can best be considered as entirely local. I will use a 'logical Heisenberg picture' formalism (closely related to stabilizer theory) to give a fully local model of entanglement, and discuss the physical implications of this model. I will also look at the status of the quantum/classical divide in such a picture, and the use of this formalism as a 'native' formalism for the Everett ("many-worlds") interpretation of quantum mechanics. Reference: Physical Review A 76, 062319

Contact : agrinbau


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