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Multiferroic Oxides
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Multiferroic Oxides

Multiferroic Oxides

Regarding multiferroic oxides, the group has developed very resistive crystals that have enabled to demonstrate, for the first time, the multiferroic character at room temperature of the BiFeO3 compound and determine a very high electric polarization value (P> 100 μC / cm 2 >> 25 μC / cm2, reference value of the barium titanate, ferroelectric  BaTiO3). In collaboration, a coupling between magnetism and electric polarization at room temperature was highlighted as well as other properties quite amazing as the coupling between light and deformation etc... [cf. publications + faits marquants]… Because of these couplings, this type of multifunctional materials offer the ability to switch, under the action of an external signal of a particular kind (light, stress, external magnetic field or electric), property of different type of material (magnetization, electric polarization, deformation ...). All these couplings in the same material, opens the way to designing a wide variety of sensors with amazing potential applications.

On these issues, the group has developed national and international collaborations in particular with: LPS-Orsay; Soleil; MPQ-Paris7; LLB-Saclay ; UMR-Thalès-Palaiseau ; IPCMS Strasbourg

Contact: Dorothée Colson


Publications (2007-2016) :

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