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Spin ladder iron oxide : Sr3Fe2O5
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Spin ladder iron oxide : Sr3Fe2O5

Structural transformation from Sr3Fe2O7 to Sr3Fe2O5 via Sr3Fe2O6

The concept of "spin ladder" originally appeared to study the theoretically still controversial antiferromagnet (AF) 2D square lattice in high temperature superconducting cuprates starting from a well understood 1D AF chain [1-2]. They can been schematized as an array of finite number of coupled chains .The motivation of theoretical investigations has been to test how the one-dimensional (1D) S=1/2 AF chain system (n=1), that is rigorously solved even when doped with carriers, could be connected to the 2D square lattice (n=∞) that in turn encounters various theoretical difficulties and is far from being understood. Experimentally, Srn-1CunO2n-1 has been the only example representing a generalized spin-ladder system [3-5]. More...

#1592 - Màj : 30/08/2010


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