Low Field Laser Ionization of Argon Clusters: The Remarkable Fragmentation Dynamics
Lionel Poisson, Kevin D. Raffael, Marc-André Gaveau, Benoît Soep, Jean-Michel Mestdagh, Jérémie Caillat, Richard Taïeb and Alfred Maquet
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We have investigated the fission following a Coulomb explosion in argon clusters (up to Ar800) irradiated by a femtosecond infrared laser with moderate intensity IL ≈13 Wcm-2. We report the a priori surprising observation of well-defined velocity distributions of the ionized fragments Arn<50. This is interpreted by the formation of a valence shell excited charged ion, followed by relaxation, charge transfer by autoionizing collision at very short distance, and asymmetric fission.

#875 - Màj : 04/05/2012


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