Lettre d'information n°22 du Réseau CEA Radiolyse...  

° Dernière conférence du professeur Katsumura à Tokyo, le 6 mars prochain :
We are informing you that Katsumura sensei's final lecture will be held on March 6, Friday, 2015. It will start at 15:30 in Takeda Hall in Asano section. We will have a celebrating party after the lecture from 18:30 in Sky Hall of Bunkyo Civic Center near Kourakuen.

If you will attend both or either of the lecture and party, you need to be registered. So, in that case, please send following information before February 14 (mailto:katsu-final@nuclear.jp).
1. your name
2. affiliation
3. e-mail address:
4. phone number
5. attendance to the lecture: yes or no
6. attendance to the party: yes or no
Please note that we ask you to pay 5,000-10,000yen to attend the party. Deadline is Feb. 14.

° Un workshop, les 5 et 6 mars 2015, à Tokyo : “Radiation Chemistry in Nuclear Accidents: Fundamental and Technical Aspects” : I am very pleased that we now have an on-line shop to register and pay for the Miller conference.

The shop is set up for payment via credit card, which I hope will be convenient for most of you. However, if you need to do this in a different way, for example bank transfer, or if the shop does not provide the option you need, please let me know and I will organise an alternative.
For students / early career researcher who wish to apply for a Baxendale bursary, please send me an abstract and a CV by the end of January. I will make a selection of a small number of these to give an oral presentation.
For posters and invited talks, please let me have abstracts by 14th February, and titles as soon as possible.
I hope you will be able to join us in the beautiful Lake District.
Nicholas Green
Director of Studies
Department of Chemistry
University of Oxford

°Rappel de la conférence de la SCF, « Chimie et Transition Energétique » des 4 au 9 juillet 2015 : date limite de soumission reportée au 30 janvier !

o Conférences internationales proches :
o SHIM2015 Darmstadt du 18 au 21 Mai 2015
o ICRR2015 Kyoto du 25 au 29 Mai 2015
o Miller à Windernere (UK) du 14 au 19 Mars 2015 – vide infra « message 2 » de Nicholas Green
o Message de Jim Wishart pour la « prochaine » Gordon 2016

G. Baldacchino, dépêche du 23/01/2015



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