NanoLinen Workshop
Physico-chemical aspects, toxicity and in-vitro methods

A symposium of the European Nanolinen Project

14-15 December 2011, Paris
Auditorium de la Grande Galerie de l’Évolution - Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle

Inscription to the workshop (Deadline : December 1st 2011).

The NanoLinen Workshop will take place in Paris, in the Auditorium of the Greit Gallery of Evolution - National Museum of Natural History.

The participation of students (even before PhD level) is strongly encouraged and places will be reserved for them. It will give the opportunity to interact with senior scientists of different countries.

To allow participation without financial constraints, there is no registration fee but registration is mandatory. If you plan to attend the symposium, we encourage you to fill the registration form as soon as possible.

Scope of the conference

Particles at the nanoscale exhibit extraordinary physical, chemical and biological properties significantly different from their conventional formulation at the microscale. Nanotechnology has great potential for industry and society for example in energy.
The question of the potential impact of manufactured or engineered nanoparticles on human health and the environment is at the core of a strong debate, and will discussed at this international symposium. An interdisciplinary approach appears fundamental to address this question.

In order to stimulate discussions and interaction, this EC Nanolinen-project Symposium will gather together specialists active in different fields such as synthesis of nano-objects, characterization of these nano-objects and of their behavior in various media, toxicologists…. Recent results concerning widely distributed nanoparticles will be presented and discussed by scientist of international horizon.

Since the aim of this symposium is to discuss new ideas, experimental results and perspectives ranging from preparation to interpretation, the total number of participants is limited to 80.

A Nanolinen Team Meeting will take place on december, the 16th at CEA Saclay, 'Orme des Merisiers':

'Bienvenue sur le plateau de Saclay' - transport time from the station 'Guichet'

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