PNCMI'2012 research conference
9th International workshop on Polarised Neutrons in Condensed Matter Investigations.


Submitted contributions for publication in Physics Procedia

  • Bourdarot et al, Polarized Neutron on URu2Si2.
  • Chen et al, Neutron path length correction of a 3He spin filter
  • Deutsch et al, Joint refinement of charge and spin densities
  • Goesselsberger et al, Wavelength-selected neutron pulses formed by a spatial magnetic neutron spin resonator
  • Hahashida et al, Design and demonstration of a neutron spin flipper for a new neutron reflectometer SHARAKU at J-PARC
  • Hersman et al, High-volume 100 liter-per-day SEOP polarization of 3He
  • Hicks et al, The magnetic defect in antiferromagnetic gamma manganese copper
  • Hino et al, Current status of BL06 beam line for VIN ROSE at J-PARC/MLF
  • Ino et al, Precision magnetic field mapping for the 3He neutron spin filter
  • Jericha et al, Towards a modelling of USANSPOL intensities from magnetic ribbons
  • Jiang et al, Polarized 3He Neutron Spin Filters at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Kira et al, Magnetic Shield Design of In-situ SEOP Polarized 3He Neutron Spin Filter System
  • Klauser et al, First Results On Depolarization In Polarizing Supermirrors
  • Kozhevnikov et al, Polarizing Fe-Co-Fe planar waveguides for the production of neutron microbeams
  • Kredler et al, Development of a NRSE spectrometer with the help of McStas - Application to the design of present and future instruments
  • Newkovski et al, Resonant mode in rare-earth based strongly correlated semiconductors
  • Noda et al 1, Polarization analysis equipment in SANS-J-II: Study of polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cell
  • Noda et al 2, Spin contrast variation study of fuel-efficient tire rubber
  • Oda et al Numerical simulation of a beam divergence correction for NRSE spectrometer using polygonal 2D-focusing supermirrors
  • Ohoyama et al, Polarised Neutron Diffraction System with a Transportable 3He Spin Filter on a Powder Diffractometer
  • Parnell et al, Design of a cryogen free cryo-flipper using a high Tc YBCO film
  • Treimer et al, Imaging Quantum Mechanical Effects in Superconductors with Polarized Neutrons
  • Voronin et al, New approach to test a neutron electroneutrality by the spin
  • Ye et al, Wide Angle Polarization Analysis With Neutron Spin Filters
  • Zhao et al, Polarized neutron in structural biology – present and future outlook
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