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Organic semiconductors
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Organic semiconductors

Single crystals of an organic semiconductor, sexthiophene, observed under polarized light. The growth of such crystals of millimetric size and very high purity takes place in a few hours by sublimation of the compound.

The emergence of the organic semiconductors in the electronics area and the technologies of information is now on a reality. Small molecules or polymers, these materials can be to substitute for silicon in the realization of transistors, photovoltaic cells or electroluminescent diodes. Easy to deposit, mechanically flexible, they are inexpensive. Their structure can be adjusted so as to obtain the desired properties. Lastly, the recent possibility to obtain single crystals of great purity opens vast prospects towards "Plastic Electronics".  
Organic semiconductors

Diagram of a single crystal organic transistor.

Organic semiconductors

Experimental setup of a scanning tunnel microscope under laser assistance for the observation of organic compounds on a scale nanoscopic (D. Fichou, F. Charra and A. Gusev, Adv. Chechmate, 13 (2001) 555-558).

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