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Ultrafast reaction dynamics DYNAFEMTO
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Head of the Team: Lionel Poisson

This team is interested in the ultrafast reaction dynamics of perturbed systems (on the 10fs to 100 ps timescale). Initially devoted to isolated species (gas phase), this laboratory is more and more interested in more complex systems clause to the condensed phase: radicals, microsolvated molecules, nanoparticles,…

The goal is to characterize the whole dynamics of a defined system, investigating the relaxation dynamics of all its electronic structures. This is called the “dynamic mapping” of the molecule. The understanding of the results collected goes through theoretical calculations. At least the local environment of the chromophore has to be evaluated by molecular dynamics calculations. Since the photoelectron spectroscopy is used both for the dynamics and spectroscopic investigations, knowing the electronic and vibrational spectroscopy of the ion is also requested.


This team is working on four complementary topics:

  1. Excited state spectroscopy of various compounds on the EDELWEISS experimental setup.
  2. Time resolved relaxation dynamics of the FEMTO device, which is coupled to the europeen laser server SLIC/LUCA.
  3. Ion spectroscopy at synchrotron SOLEIL,  DESIRS beamline.
  4. Molecular dynamics calculations for solvated molecules in clusters or matrix.

The head of this team is Project leader of the ANR grant (Young researcher CHROMADYNE 2009-2013) and RTRA Triangle de la physique  (DYNANEX 2009-2011, ULTRA-SOLAR 2011).

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