Laboratoire Léon Brillouin

UMR12 CEA-CNRS, Bât. 563 CEA Saclay

91191 Gif sur Yvette Cedex, France


Let's scatter neutrons

H‐Mediated Magnetic Interactions between Layers in a 2D MnII–Dicyanamide Polymer: Neutron Diffraction, DFT, and Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations
Multiferroic materials
Multiferroic materials
Geometrical frustration in the pyrochlore lattice: spin liquids and spin ices
Geometrical frustration in the pyrochlore lattice: spin liquids and spin ices
Observation of a magnetic \
Strong correlation in CMR manganites
Strong correlation in CMR manganites
Unconventional superconductivity: neutron spectroscopy and theory
Novel electronic and magnetic properties in 4f-electron systems
Molecular magnetism and photomagnetism
Molecular magnetism and photomagnetism
Single-crystal investigations on the multiferroic material LiFe(WO4)2
Magnetic antiskyrmions above room temperature in tetragonal Heusler materials
Neutron Spin Precession Spectroscopy
Neutron Spin Precession Spectroscopy
                                    DREAM (Diffraction Resolved by Energy and Angle Measurements)
Spin textures induced by quenched disorder in a reentrant spin glass: Vortices versus “frustrated” skyrmions
New magnetic phase of the chiral skyrmion material Cu2OSeO3
Pressure-induced commensurate order in TbMn2O5 and DyMn2O5: Influence of rare-earth anisotropy and 3d-4 f exchange
Thématiques NFMQ : magnétisme, transitions de phase - Etudes par diffusion de neutrons
Partial ordering and phase elasticity in the MnGe short-period helimagnet
Increasing skyrmion stability in Cu2OSeO3 by chemical substitution
Magnetoelastic excitation spectrum in the rare-earth pyrochlore Tb2Ti2O7
Suppression of the bulk high spin–low spin transition by doping the chiral magnet MnGe
Direct evidence of weakly dispersed and strongly anharmonic optical phonons in hybrid perovskites
Interplay of 4 f-3d interactions and spin-induced ferroelectricity in the green phase Gd2BaCuO5
Dimer Physics in the Frustrated Cairo Pentagonal Antiferromagnet Bi2Fe4O9
Identification by inelastic X-ray scattering of bulk alteration of solid dynamics due to liquid wetting
Magnetization Density Distribution of  Sr2IrO4 : Deviation from a Local  jeff = 1 / 2  Picture
Universal G′ ∼ L–3 Law for the Low-Frequency Shear Modulus of Confined Liquids
Advances in the synthesis and structure of α-canaphite: a multitool and multiscale study
Loop currents in two-leg ladder cuprates
Field-Induced Modulated State in the Ferromagnet PrPtAl
Strain‑induced violation of temperature uniformity in mesoscale liquids
Nouvelles frontières dans les matériaux quantiques - NFMQ
Nouvelles frontières dans les matériaux quantiques - NFMQ
Electron-momentum dependence of electron-phonon coupling underlies dramatic phonon renormalization in YNi2B2C
Magnetic anisotropies of Ho(iii) and Dy(iii) single-molecule magnets experimentally determined via polarized neutron diffraction
Tests of a high power Be target and first neutron diffraction measurements on the IPHI-neutron source
Thermal Shear Waves Induced in Mesoscopic Liquids at Low Frequency Mechanical Deformation
Universal stripe order as a precursor of the superconducting phase in pressurized BaFe2Se3 Spin Ladder
Revisiting neutron studies of reentrant spin glasses: the role of small-angle scattering
Collective effects in ionic liquid [emim][Tf2N] and ionic paramagnetic nitrate solutions without long-range structuring
A Comparison of Interpolyelectrolyte Complexes (IPECs) Made from Anionic Block Copolymer Micelles and PDADMAC or q-Chitosan as Polycation
Elucidating Individual Magnetic Contributions in Bi-Magnetic Fe3O4/Mn3O4 Core/Shell Nanoparticles by Polarized Powder Neutron Diffraction
Tuning magnetoelectricity in a mixedanisotropy antiferromagnet
Magnetic structure of the magnetoelectric material  Ba2MnGe2O7
Electronic ground-state hysteresis under magnetic field in  GdMn2O5
Universality of  q = 1/2  orbital magnetism in the pseudogap phase of the high-Tc  superconductor  YBa2 Cu3 O6+x
MD simulation and analysis of the pair correlation functions, self-diffusion coefficients and orientational correlation times in aqueous KCl solutions at different temperatures and concentrations
Influence of Dy3+ environment on magnetic anisotropy and magnetocaloric effect in Dy3B2C3⁢O12 (B=In,Sc,Te ; C=Ga,Al,Li) garnets


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