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: a Small-Angle Modular instrument
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 : a Small-Angle Modular instrument

Layout of the SAM instrument in the ILL guide hall.

Brief description

SAM is a medium size small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) instrument, developed by the Laboratoire Léon Brillouin (LLB) in collaboration with the Institut Laue Langevin (ILL, Grenoble). Its construction was proposed in the frame of the ILL "Endurance II" rejuvenation programme, with two main objectives in mind:

  1. Maintain an access to SANS beam time for the French community beyond the shutdown of the Orphée reactor,
  2. Develop a versatile instrument expanding the capabilities of the SANS technique, namely towards high-resolution spectroscopy.

To these ends, SAM will consist in a conventional "pin-hole" SANS instrument working with either an unpolarised or a polarised neutron beam. Thanks to its position at the end of the fully renovated H15 guide, the incoming flux at the sample position shall be very similar to that of the world-leading D22 and D33 instruments already running at the ILL. SAM will also be equipped with a so-called "MIEZE" option enabling high-resolution spectroscopy with sub-μeV resolution, irrespective of the sample or its environment. The commissioning of SAM will take place in April 2024. It will be then operated as a "CRG" instrument, with an even split of the beam time between the ILL user program and the French community (Access provided through the French Federation for Neutron Scattering 2FDN).


Find a complete description of SAM on this file :  SAM-Description-V1.pdf

March 26th 2024 : report on first tests measurements on SAM at the ILL.


Project team

Annie Brûlet (Project coordinator)

Marc Detrez, Arnaud Hélary, Christophe Meunier (Mechanics)

William Josse, Patrick Lambert, Emmanuel Rampnoux (Electronics)

Pascal Lavie (Lead engineer)

Nicolas Martin (Lead scientist)

Maycki Thiébault (CAD designer)

Lester Clarke (CAD designer)

(with support from the H15 project team

and technical services)


 : a Small-Angle Modular instrument

3D model of SAM (as of 2021/07).

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