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Title Education level Speciality Deadline Duration Unit
Contribution of image analysis to the study of stress corrosion behavior of glass Bac+4/5

Physique de la matière condensée

Manipulation en salle blanche (dépôt et gravure) Banc d'essai de corrosion sous contrainte Analyse d'image (DIC)

29/03/2023 4 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Carbon footprint of a research laboratory Bac+5


Gestion de données et de programmation, sondages, recherche d’information et communication de résultats

02/06/2023 6 mois SPEC/GQ
Ultra-sensitive tunnel magneto-resistance sensors for medical imaging Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Microfabrication, magnetotransport and noise measurements at low temperature, magnetic imaging

28/02/2023 5 mois SPEC/LNO
Characterization of hematite-based photoanodes during water oxidation by scanning electrochemical microscopy Bac+5


AFM, SECM, MEB, DRX, XPS, EIS, (photo-) voltammetry, aqueous chemical growth

13/04/2023 6 mois SPEC/LNO
How to tune ion transport in innovative ionogels? Bac+4


The candidate – based at LLB with short stays to plan in Montpellier – will have the opportunity to use a panel of advanced techniques: broadband dielectric spectroscopy, SAXS and WAXS, possibly SANS, but also temperature-modulated calorimetry, FTIR and gaz adsorption. An introduction to neutron scattering will be proposed. Contact : Anne-Caroline Genix, responsable, Associate Professor, anne-caroline.genix@umontpellier.fr

01/03/2023 5 mois LLB/MMB
Stress corrosion behavior of mesostructured glass by phase separation Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Banc d'essai de corrosion sous contrainte Microscopie à champ proche (AFM, …) Différents outils statistiques (modélisation stochastique, analyse fractale)

29/03/2023 6 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Metal nanoparticle-clays composite for catalysis within "Safe by Design" approach Bac+5

Chimie des matériaux

UV-Vis, SAXS (diffusion de rayons X aux petits angles), TEM, microwave, nanoparticle synthesis

15/02/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Design of functionalized lipid-polymer nanoparticles prepared by a microfluidic method for chemo/photodynamic therapy of ocular cancers Bac+5


Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Epifluorescence microscopy, Confocal microscopy, Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy (Cryo-TEM)

01/04/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Control of a single molecule fluorescence by an optical nano-antenna Bac+5


Optical microscopy Spectroscopy Atomic force microscopy Chemical functionalization Nanofabrication Clean room Electron microscopy

01/08/2023 6 mois SPEC/LEPO
Thermoelectric energy conversion in complex fluids (2 propositions) Bac+5

Physique des matériaux

Voltage and current measurements Impedance measurements Data acquisition

28/03/2023 4 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Decolourisation and recycling of glass in Roman time: the case of Reims Bac+5


Synthèse de verres, photoluminescence, RPE, spectrométrie Raman

19/03/2023 6 mois LSI
Full digital detection for Ion Beam Analysis Bac+5


18/04/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LEEL
Development of magnetic sensors reconfigurable by Spin Orbit Torque Bac+4/5

Physique de la matière condensée

Microfabrication, magnetotransport measurements, magnetometry.

31/01/2023 4 mois SPEC/LNO
Développement de la croissance de nanotubes alignés pour des études in-situ par micorscopie électronique à transmission (MET) Bac+5

Génie des procédés

CCVD, MEB, spectrométrie Raman, bâti de tests, E-TEM

01/06/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LEDNA
Dynamics of water confined in hydrophobic materials Bac+5


Materials characterization : Adsorption N2 Water, SAXS, FTIR, TGA. Confined fluid studies: WAXS, Neutron Scattering (elastic and quasielastic), calorimetry.

28/02/2023 5 mois LLB/MMB
Study of the electronic and optoelectronic properties of two-dimensional semiconductor nanomaterials Bac+4/5

Physique des matériaux

e-beam lithography, electrical measurements, AFM, SEM, photoluminescence

23/03/2023 5 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Study of opto-electronic properties of trapped excitons in carbon nanotube devices Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

AFM, SEM, Micro and nanofabrication, transport measurements, optical spectroscopy, optoelectronics, nano-object manipulation

31/03/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Microfluidic Study of bioleaching processes for metal recycling commonly found in printed circuit boards Bac+5


Microfluidics, Xray fluorescence, FTIR, 3D printing, extraction, cellular culture

01/02/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Physicochemical study of the protection mechanisms of copper metals by inhibitor-doped sol-gels Bac+5


EIS, Polarization, Raman Microspectrometry, Optical Microscopy, SEM-EDS

31/03/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LAPA
In situ Evaluation of the efficiency of grafted nanoparticle under extreme electron dose rates Bac+5


Fluorescence spectroscopy; TCSPC

31/03/2023 6 mois LIDYL/DICO
Exploring the reactivity of TiO2 based catalysts from radiolysis Bac+5

Chimie des matériaux

Radiolysis, gas chromatography

25/05/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LEDNA
Hafnium oxide ferroelectric films: from fundamental understanding to optimized, low power devices Bac+5

Physique des matériaux

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy Electrical measurements Piez-response force microscopy Photoemission electron microscopy

17/04/2023 5 mois SPEC/LENSIS
Ptychographic lensless imaging on a short wavelength laser Bac+5


EUV optics, lensless imaging, iterative phase retrieval algorithms

29/03/2023 6 mois LIDYL/DICO
Single ion implantation and characterization of induced effects in materials of interest for quantum technologies. Bac+5


Ion implantation, optical microscopy SED

20/04/2023 6 mois CIMAP
Printing of biocompatible objects and surface coating Bac+5


ATR-IR spectroscopy, XPS spectrometry profilometry, AFM, SEM

10/05/2023 5 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Influence of chemical composition on the mechanical properties of 3D printed materials Bac+5

Physique des matériaux

DMA, optical microscopy, 3D printing via photopolymerisation

29/03/2023 6 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Turbulent flows beyond the Kolmogorov barrier through small scale 4D-PTV measurements Bac+5

Mécanique des fluides

31/03/2023 6 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
MAGES: Study of an AGent-based Model for the analysis of Experimental data acquired at the Soleil synchrotron and at the CEA Orphée reactor (UV fluorescence imaging, SAXS and SANS spectroscopy) Bac+5

Mathématiques appliquées

Machine learning, agent-based models, signal processing.

25/04/2023 6 mois LLB/MMB
Quantum magnetotransport in shaped topological insulator nanowires Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Schroedinger/Dirac eqs. in curved space, Landauer-Buettiker formalism, tight-binding numerical simulations

28/03/2023 6 mois SPEC/GMT
Materials and microsystems for optical detection of pollutants Bac+4/5


Liquid synthesis Microfluidics UV-Visible spectroscopy Image analysis

31/01/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LEDNA
Faraday efficiency measurement for the quantification of hydrogen production by solar water splitting Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

XPEEM, STXM, Raman spectroscopy, SEM, photoelectrolysis, chemical growth of photoanodes

28/04/2023 6 mois SPEC/LNO
Spectral phase measurement of laser high order harmonic emission from crystals Bac+5

Interaction laser-matière

EUV optics, photoelectron spectroscopy, pump-probe setups

29/03/2023 6 mois LIDYL/DICO
Measurement and reduction of stay fields emitted by magnetoresistive magnetic sensors Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Sputtering, magnetotransport, VSM magnetometry, magnetic mapping (MFM).

28/04/2023 6 mois SPEC/LNO
Multi-scale metrology of microplastics and nanoplastics in solution Bac+5


03/03/2023 5 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Local magnetic microscopy with magnetoresitive sensor integration Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Magnetic microscopy, microfabrication, magnetotransport measurements

01/06/2023 6 mois SPEC/LNO
Modeling of the solution structure of membrane proteins: combination of SAXS/SANS experiments and ab initio reconstruction methods Bac+5


Use of Monte Carlo simulation methods (existing programs) on SANS/SAXS experimental data. Coding in Python to adapt some existing programs.

28/04/2023 6 mois LLB/MMB
Porphyrin-based nanostructures Bac+5

Chimie organique

Synthèse organique, RMN, spectrométrie de masse.

31/03/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Ising garnet hyperkagome networks for enhanced magnetocaloric effect Bac+5


The experimental work of this M2 internship will be performed in-between the ICMMO Institute, specialized in solid state chemistry and synthesis, and the LLB laboratory, which has physical measurement capabilities (M(T), Cp(T), etc...).

30/06/2023 4 mois LLB/NFMQ
Many-body physics of topological defects in active materials Bac+5

Physique statistique

Analytical methods, field theories, numerical simulations

04/05/2023 3 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Predicting corrosion by analysis of protective layers Bac+4/5


14/03/2023 5 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Optical properties of dielectric and hybrid particles for the implementation of nanolabels for bioimaging Bac+5

Interaction laser-matière

Optical measurements, local probe microscopies

31/03/2023 5 mois SPEC/LEPO
Radiation associated to particles plasma acceleration in laser – overdense plasma interaction at ultra high intensity. Bac+5

Physique des milieux ionisés et des plasmas

Code Python

18/04/2023 4 mois LSI
Electrochemical metal recovery Bac+5


Potentiostat; microscopy; synthesis; XRF; ICP; AFM, SEM, DRX

17/03/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Ab initio simulation of a new catalyst for green chemistry Bac+5


Ab initio molecular dynamics simulations

20/04/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LSDRM
Simulating and imaging nanostructured magneto-electric chiral antiferromagnets Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Python code, SNOM (scanning near-filed optical microscope)

29/03/2023 4 mois SPEC/LNO
Attosecond spectroscopy of molecules in gas and liquid phase Bac+5


Intense femtosecond laser, optical post-compression, molecular gas jets, liquid jet, vacuum technology, interferometry, spectrometry of XUV photons, electron spectrometry, transient absorption

21/04/2023 6 mois LIDYL/ATTO
Synthesis and Study of Graphenic Materials Bac+5

Chimie organique

Organic synthesis, NMR, Mass spectrometry, absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy

31/03/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Synthesis and exploration of electrochemical properties of halide-based solid electrolytes for battery applications Bac+5


Electrochemical performance tests (galvanostatic cycling, impedance, rate capability, and long-term cycling) in various electrochemical setups

21/04/2023 6 mois NIMBE/LEDNA
Trempe ultra rapide de verres moléculaires Bac+3

Physique des liquides

Spectroscopie diélectrique, fabrication en salle blanche

26/04/2023 4 mois SPEC/SPHYNX


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