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Title Education level Speciality Deadline Duration Unit
Miniaturisation of an early diagnostic test based on GMR sensors Bac+5

Électronique embarquée

Électronique, traitement du signal, programmation.

30/04/2022 12 mois SPEC/LNO
Evaluation of the carbon nanotube content in a matrix by magnetic susceptibility measurement Bac+2

Mesures physiques

Magnetic susceptibility measurement.

01/04/2022 2 mois SPEC/LNO
Controlling phase separation in active systems Bac+5

Physique statistique

Simulations of particle models and continuum theories using molecular dynamics, finite difference and pseudo-spectral codes. Stochastic analysis, stochastic field theories, path integrals, disordered systems. Coarse graining techniques / kinetic theories.

12/05/2022 3 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Quantum thermal transport in Moire systems Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Nanofabrication - Cryogenics - Low-noise measurements

29/04/2022 3 mois SPEC/GNE
Ising garnet hyperkagome networks for enhanced magnetocaloric effect Bac+5


The M2 work will be performed in-between the ICMMO Institute, which specializes in solid-state chemistry and synthesis, and the LLB laboratory, which has physical measurement (M(T), Cp(T), etc…) capacities.

29/04/2022 4 mois LLB/NFMQ
Attosecond imaging of electronic wavepackets in molecular gases Bac+5

Interaction laser-matière

Intense femtosecond laser, high-order harmonic generation, optical and quantum interferometry, spectrometry of XUV photons, electron spectrometry

30/03/2022 4 mois LIDYL/ATTO
The graphene Mach-Zehnder interferometer in the fractional quantum Hall regime Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

High magnetic field (14 T), low temperature (10 mK), graphene.

30/04/2022 4 mois SPEC/GNE
Near and far field interaction between moving atoms mediated by the electromagnetic vacuum Bac+5

Physique théorique, mécanique quantique

01/04/2022 4 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Computing with nonlinear spin-wave dynamics Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Magnetic force microscopy; high frequency techniques; micromagnetic simulations

05/04/2022 4 mois SPEC/LNO
Generation of attosecond pulses carrying an Orbital Angular moment in transient gratings Bac+4/5

Interaction laser-matière

Femtosecond laser, XUV optics Short pulse temporal characterization methods Post-compression of light pulses

31/05/2022 4 mois LIDYL/ATTO
Design by AI of optimal architectures for ultralight metamaterials resistant to fracture and deformation Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Machine learning, numerical simulation, beam model

30/04/2022 4 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Development of a spray-plunging method for cryoTEM observations at short timescale Bac+2

Génie chimique

Microfluidics, cryo-TEM

30/04/2022 4 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Statistical physics of networks and material circuits in energy transition scenarios Bac+5

Physique statistique

Mathematical modelling Numerical programming Statistical physics

20/04/2022 4 mois SPEC/SPHYNX
Mineral nanodroplets: ultrafast microfluidic mixers as a tool to decipher their mechanisms of formation Bac+5


Soft lithography, solution chemistry, optical microscopy, luminescence spectroscopy, cryo-TEM

30/03/2022 5 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Ultra-sensitive tunnel magneto-resistance sensors for medical imaging Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Microfabrication, magnetotransport and noise measurements at low temperature, magnetic imaging

31/03/2022 5 mois SPEC/LNO
Synthesis and study of the optoelectronic properties of two-dimensional semiconductor nanomaterials Bac+4/5

Physique des matériaux

CVD, SEM, AFM, XPS, Raman, ebeam and optical lithography, metal deposition, electrical and optoelectrical measurements

31/03/2022 5 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Scanning electron microscopy in a microfluidic cell. Instrumental and methodological developments Bac+5

Mesures physiques

Electron microscopy, microfluidics, microfabrication

31/05/2022 5 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Amorphous intermediate dehydration: a key step in CaCO3 biological crystallisation Bac+5


Solution chemistry, optical microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, ATG-DSC, cryo-TEM

30/04/2022 5 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Ecological cements and glassy structure of pozzolans Bac+5


Réactivité des solides, expérimentation. Bonne maitrise de la langue anglaise et française (analyse bibliographie). Interaction avec les doctorants, techniciens et enseignant-chercheurs et rédaction d'un rapport de recherche

29/04/2022 5 mois LSI
Experimental study of the effect of the hydrodynamic flux on the adsorption of proteins at the surface of nanoparticles Bac+5


Circular dichroism, fluorescence spectroscopy, small angle x-ray/neutron scattering

28/02/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Mineral nanodroplets: impact study for rare-earth separation Bac+5


Solution chemistry, cryo-electron transmission microscopy, luminescence spectroscopy, small-angle X-ray scattering in lab and synchrotron

30/09/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Synthesis and Study of Graphenic Materials Bac+5

Chimie organique

Organic synthesis, NMR, Mass spectrometry, absorption and photoluminescence spectroscopy

30/03/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Magnetic phase diagrams of Ising hyperkagome networks in rare-earth garnets Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

The work will be performed at the LLB laboratory. Neutron diffraction in field data is already available, simulations will be performed with an in-house software.

29/04/2022 6 mois LLB/NFMQ
Exploring the physics of correlated metallic Kagome networks. Bac+5

Physique de la matière condensée

Crystal growth, EDS analysis, X-rays diffraction, magnetic measurements, Angle resolved photoemission.

19/05/2022 6 mois SPEC/LNO
Photochromic material for optical neuromorphic computing Bac+5


Laser microspectroscopy, Atomic-Force Microscopy (AFM), Spin-coating of polymer thin films.

20/04/2022 6 mois SPEC/LEPO
Fight against climate change: atmospheric CO2 capture with nanofluids Bac+5

Physique des liquides

X-ray scattering, optical microscopy, nucleation theories

28/05/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Development of a microfluidic system for cell analysis of their content in tritium-labeled drugs Bac+5


Microfabrication by photolithography Microfluidics Optical microscopy (white light, epifluorescence) Beta imaging

01/04/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Nano-objets hybrides pour la radiothérapie Bac+4/5


Polymer synthesis, organic chemistry, SEC, UV and FTIR spectroscopies, TGA, light scattering, etc...

30/04/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Bacteriostatic polymer surfaces Bac+4/5


Polymer chemistry, FTIR, size-exclusion chromatography, contact angle, microscopy, profilometry, XPS

01/10/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Measurement and reduction of stay fields emitted by magnetoresistive magnetic sensors Bac+5


Sputtering, magnetotransport, VSM magnetometry, magnetic mapping (MFM).

30/04/2022 6 mois SPEC/LNO
Custom made synthesis of single crystal diamond particles Bac+5

Génie des procédés

MPCVD, SEM-FEG, spectromètres IR et RAMAN, DLS/Zeta

26/02/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LEDNA
Development of NMR methods for the analysis of complex mixtures using parahydrogen Bac+5



04/03/2022 6 mois NIMBE / LSDRM
Porphyrin-based nanostructures Bac+5

Chimie organique

Synthèse organique, RMN, spectrométrie de masse.

31/03/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Optimization of a laser-driven electron source for applications Bac+5

Physique des milieux ionisés et des plasmas

30/03/2022 6 mois LIDYL/PHI
Electrochemical metal recovery Bac+5


Potentiostat; microscopy; synthesis; XRF; ICP; AFM, SEM, DRX

25/02/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LICSEN
Modeling of the microplastic-biomolecule interaction Bac+5


Modélisation moléculaire

08/04/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Study of the kinetics of surface graphitization of nanodiamonds Bac+5

Chimie des matériaux

Spectroscopies IR, RAMAN et XPS HR-TEM, diffraction des rayons X, Diffusion dynamique de la lumière.

28/01/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LEDNA
Design of functionalized lipid-polymer nanoparticles prepared by a microfluidic method for chemo/photodynamic therapy of ocular cancers Bac+5


Several characterization technics will be used such as Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), confocal microscopy, Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy (Cryo-TEM), and Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS).

30/03/2222 6 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Functionalization and assembly of gold nanoparticles for plasmonics and health Bac+4/5


Colloidal and sol-gel chemistry. Electron microscopies SEM and TEM. Extinction spectroscopy.

30/04/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LEDNA
Optimization of vortex structures for magnetic sensor applications Bac+4/5

Physique de la matière condensée

Simulations, MFM and magneto-transport measurements

10/05/2022 6 mois SPEC/LNO
Implémentation/optimisation d’un système de detection 2D spectroscopique par temps de vol pour un microscope à haute résolution des pertes d’énergie d’électrons, HREELM Bac+5

Théorie et traitement du signal

Adaptation de détecteur Timepix à l'énvironnement ultravide - Traitement de signal Le stagiaire sera employé par le CEA et travaillera au laboratoire Aimé Cotton sur le campus de l’Université Paris Saclay. Il s’agit d’un travail en équipe avec reporting régulier lors des réunions projet avec l’ensemble des partenaires.

16/02/2022 6 mois SPEC/LENSIS
Etude et caractérisation d’un détecteur pixélisé semi-conducteur sous rayonnement béta et faisceaux d’électron à basse énergie Bac+5

Théorie et traitement du signal

Le/la stagiaire sera employé-e par le CEA et travaillera principalement à l’Institut LIST de CEA Tech, sur le campus de l’Université Paris Saclay, sous la direction de Vincent Schoepff.

16/02/2022 6 mois SPEC/LENSIS
Hyphenation of digital microfluidic with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Bac+4/5

Chimie analytique

3D printing, lithography, ICPMS, python

30/04/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LIONS
Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of a NASICON-type cathode for all-solid-state batteries Bac+5

Chimie des matériaux

Solid-solid synthesis, Sol-Gel synthesis, Galvanic cycling, EIS, RAMAN, DRX, SEM

30/03/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LEEL
Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of a NASICON-type cathode for all-solid-state batteries Bac+5

Chimie des matériaux

Solid-solid synthesis, Sol-Gel synthesis, Galvanic cycling, EIS, RAMAN, DRX, SEM

30/03/2022 6 mois NIMBE/LEEL


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