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Deposition, growth, thin films
The nanotechnologies require to build complex heterostructures at an atomic scale. Those are generally carried out by deposition on a substrate (metal or oxide). The control of the physical phenomena of the growth and the realization of dots or thin films of well defined structure is one of the keys of the realization of new devices with new properties. The teams of the DRECAM largely use the various techniques of deposition, control of the growth and analyses and contribute to develop them. 
#488 - Last update : 07/18 2005
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The generation of highly spin-polarized electron currents is one of the dominant focusses in the field of spintronics. For this purpose, spin filtering is one very interesting phenomenon, both from a fundamental and from a technological standpoint, that involves the spin-selective transport of electrons across a magnetic tunnel barrier.
DSM/DRECAM/SPCSI - Oxides group
Spin electronics is a new field of research which associates two domains of physics: magnetism and electronics. In the last decade, effects related to spin dependent transport like giant magnetoresistance (GMR) and tunnelling magnetoresistance (TMR) in magnetic heterostructures have stimulated a considerable interest. These physical properties can be exploited in a variety of advanced devices such as highly sensitive magnetic sensors (e.g.


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