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Le quasi-élastique
Les spectromètres de diffusion quasiélastique
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Le LLB dispose de 2 appareils de mesures de la diffusion de neutrons quasi-élastique (de gauche à droite):

#538 - Last update : 01/03 2012
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Light-harvesting antennae are pigment-protein complexes involved in light-absorption and excitation energy transfer (EET) to the so-called "reaction center" complexes, where the photochemical processes of photosynthesis take place. C-phycocyanin (C-PC) is one component of the phycobilisome, the light-harvesting system of cyanobacteria [1]. In phycobilisomes, EET is a highly efficient key event [2-3], where light-induced dynamics of the antenna pigment/protein complexes may play a role [4-7].


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