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Two reflectometers are available at the LLB :

  • The EROS refletometer (or G3bis), multipurpose reflectometer mainly devoted to the study of soft matter and liquids
  • The PRISM reflectometer, equiped with polarized neutrons and polarization analysis.
#1618 - Last update : 08/31 2010
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BiFeO3 is a multiferroic materials in which ferroelectric and anti-ferromagnetic orders coexist well above room temperature (TN=643 K, TC=1093 K), with a high polarization (over 100 μC/cm2 [1]). We have shown at the LLB by neutron diffraction that these two order parameters interact and that the magnetization of the material can be modified by the application of an electric field.
Using conjugated polymers as the active materials in electronic and optoelectronic devices opens up the possibility of fabricating all-polymer devices using solution processing technologies. The fabrication of good quality field-effect transistors (FETs) is crucial to a number of polymer-based devices, such as active matrix displays and integrated circuits. Central to FET operation is the dielectric/semiconductor interface.


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