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Head of Attophysic group : Pascal SALIERES Scientific goals In the last ten years, the development of perfectly controlled femtosecond laser pulses at high intensities and few-cycle duration has opened a whole new range of opportunities.
Dynamics and Interactions in Condensed phase
            Head : Gérard BALDACCHINO   The activities of the research group « Dynamics and Interactions in COndensed phase » (DICO) are focused on physicochemical processes involving simple molecules, multichromophoric systemsand nanocrystals in solution, with particular emphasis on molecular interactions and dynamical aspects.
This experimental setup is based on a versatil supersonic beam coupled with a Velocity Map Imaging photoelectron spectrometer and a time-of-flight mass spectrometer. The goal of this setup is: - Transition state spectroscopy of van-der-Waals complexes. The metal-molecules reaction have been especially studied - Absorption spectroscopy of various systems
EDELWEISS experimental setup
Francis Perrin Laboratory (LFP)
    The Francis Perrin Laboratory (LFP) was a joint research unit (URA 2453) of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and the National Center for the Scientific Research (CNRS) from January 1st 2002 to December 31st 2015.
Contact : Thomas BLENSKI The group activity is devoted to electronic and radiative properties of warm dense plasmas. Our work has important implications in the field of energy, particularly in the inertial fusion sciences. We develop models of atoms in plasmas and methods aimed at obtaining their equation of state.
High-Energy-Density Matter
The Saclay Laser-matter Interaction Centre (SLIC) is a research infrastructure dedicated to ultrafast photoscience. A member of the European LASERLAB-EUROPE 2 consortium of laser infrastructures, SLIC offers a complete line of intense femtosecond laser facilities to study for instance the development and applications of intense coherent femtosecond/attosecond XUV sources, laser-driven particle acceleration, laser-solid interaction at high intensity and femtochemistry.
Scientific Goal
The Francis Perrin Laboratory carries on research in the field of physical chemistry. A large part of the projects is dedicated to the interaction between light (UV-visible-IR) and molecular systems and are pursued along four interconnected objectives: Describe the fundamental processes involved when light interacts with a molecular system, e.g.
Laboratoire Francis Perrin
LUMO-DyR  - Reaction Dynamics Team
The LUMO-DyR team joined the LUMO-SBM team to form the LUMO research group. The Reaction Dynamics Group (LUMO-DyR) is interested in the photo-induced dynamics of isolated systems: organic molecules, radicals, molecular clusters, Van-der-Waals clusters. The reaction dynamics of these systems is obviously related to their structure. Therefore, the Reaction Dynamics group combines time resolved dynamics studies structural ones.


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