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Laboratory of Nano-Objects and Complex Systems (LNOSC)
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The Laboratory of "Nano-Objects and Complex Systems" gather two groups working on simulations, modelisations and theoretical studies that are strongly coupled with experiments: one is the research group "Modelisation of Surfaces Interfaces and Nanostructures (MSIN)", the other is the research group "Complex Systems and Fracture".

Members of the Laboratory

Contacts: C. Barreteau (MSIN) or D. Bonamy (Complex systems and fracture)


Modelisation of Surfaces Interfaces and Nanostructures (MSIN) :

 1. Topics
- Study of the physical properties of surfaces and their defects, and metal aggregates:
* Electronic and vibrational structure
* Calculations of total energy
* Magnetism, magnetism of nanostructures
* Diffusion and growth of surfaces

- Surfaces with adsorbates (atoms or molecules).
- Theory of the tunnel effect.
- Transport in nano-objects: wire, molecules, tunnel junctions.
- Transport in metal/oxide/semi-conductor (MOS) interfaces.
- Dissipative effects in the systems on two disordered levels. Application to metal glasses.

2. Techniques

- Electronic structure calculations: tight-binding and ab-initio.
- Total energy calculation: starting from the electronic structure or semi-empirical potentials.
- Green functions applied to the electronic transport.
- Monte Carlo method, classical and quantum approach.
- Mean field dynamic theory.

Complex Systems and Fracture :


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