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Laboratory of nanometric structures (NIMBE/LEDNA)
Laboratory of nanometric structures (NIMBE/LEDNA)

Synthèse de nanotubes de carbone alignés

The studies of the LEDNA laboratory are focused on five main projects:

  • Synthesis of various nanoparticles by laser pyrolysis (Si, Si@C, oxides, carbides,…),
  • Synthesis of carbon nanostructures by CCVD (vertically aligned carbon nanotubes, graphene),
  • Synthesis of gold nanoparticles for plasmonics
  • Nanostructured electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction (fuel cells),
  • Chemical sensors based on materials containing functionalized and size-controlled nanopores.

Finally, to address social issues on the risks associated with engineered nano-objects, the group has invested heavily in the study of the toxicological effects of nano-objects.

#2615 - Last update : 05/23 2016


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