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Elisabeth BOUCHAUD

currently at ESPCI, 10 rue Vauquelin, 75005 Paris

tel.jpg +33 (0)1 4079 4457
email.gif elisabeth.bouchaudfax.pngcea.fr


Physicist - Member of the EC2M group of the UMR 7083 CNRS-ESPCI "Gulliver",
and SPHYNX group (Systèmes Physiques Hors-équilibre, hYdrodynamique, éNergie et compleXité) of IRAMIS/SPEC.

Research Interests

  • Elastic instabilities in soft solids and viscoelastic materials
  • Flow and fracture of colloidal suspensions
  • Glass heterogeneities and mechanical response
  • Stress corrosion fracture of silicate glasses

Physical aspects of fracture
Fracture of heterogeneous materials
Quantitative fractography
Stress-corrosion fracture of glasses
Fracture of glasses close to the glass transition
Fracture of soft solids


1984 Engineering diploma Ecole Centrale de Paris
1988 PhD Condensed Matter Physics, Paris XI-Orsay University
1994 Habilitation Materials Science, Paris VI University

Honors and Awards:

Scientific Publications

Extended list of publications.

Publications within the CEA library basis.

Selected publications:

- Y. Cao, L. Ponson, E. Bouchaud, V. Tvergaard, A. Needleman, Int. J. of Fract. (in press).

- Constant dimensionality of fault roughness from the scale of microfractures to the scale of continents,
F. Renard, T. Candela, E. Bouchaud, Geophys. Res. Lett. 40, 83-87 (2013).

- Fractoluminescence characterization of the energy dissipated during fast fracture of glass
G. Pallares, C. L. Rountree, L. Douillard, F. Charra and E. Bouchaud
Europhysics Letters, 99 (2012) 28003.

- Prediction of Ductile Fracture Surface Roughness Scaling,
A. Needleman, V. Tvergaard, E. Bouchaud,
Symposium on Mechanics in Geophysical and Materials Sciences, Pasadena, USA, January 20-22 2011, J. Appl. Mech. Trans. ASME 79, 031015 (2012).

- Failure of heterogeneous materials: a dynamic phase transition ?,
D. Bonamy, E. Bouchaud,  Physics Reports 498, 1-44 (2011).

- F. Lechenault, C. L. Rountree, F. Cousin, J.-P. Bouchaud, L. Ponson, E. Bouchaud, Evidence of deep water penetration into silica during stress corrosion fracture, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 165504 (2011).

- F. Lechenault, C.L. Rountree, F. Cousin, J.-P. Bouchaud, L. Ponson, E. Bouchaud, Damage of Silicate Glasses during Stress Corrosion, Continuum Models for Discrete Systems International Conference (CMDS 12), Kolkatta, India, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 319, 012005 (2011).

- Effects od finite probe size on self-affine roughness measurements,
Lechenault F. , Pallares G., George M., Rountree C., Bouchaud E., Ciccotti M. , 
Physical Review Letters, 104, (2010) 025502.

- Plasticity-induced structural anisotropy of silica glass,
Rountree C.L. , Vandembroucq D., Talamali M., Bouchaud E., Roux S. ,
Physical Review Letters, 102, (2009) 195501.

- Fracture : from the atomic to the geophysical scale
Bouchaud E. , , Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 42, (2009) 210301.

- Transient damage spreading and anomalous scaling in mortar crack surfaces,
Morel S. , Bonamy D., Ponson L., Bouchaud E.,  
Physical Review E. Statistical, Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics, 78, (2008) 016112.

- Fracture through cavitation in a metallic glass,
Bouchaud E. , Boivin D., Pouchou J.L., Bonamy D., Poon B., Ravichandran G.,  
EPL - Europhysics Letters, 83, (2008) 660069.

- A unified study of crack propagation in amorphous silica : using experiments and simulations,
Rountree C.L. , Prades S., Bonamy D., Bouchaud E., Kalia R., Guillot C.,
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 434-435, (2007) 60-63.

- Anisotropic self-affine properties of experimental fracture surfaces,
Ponson L. , Bonamy D., Auradou H., Mourot G., Morel S., Bouchaud E., Guillot C., Hulin J. P., 
International Journal of Fracture, 140, (2006) 27-37.

- Scaling Exponents for Fracture Surfaces in Homogeneous Glass and Glassy Ceramics,
D. Bonamy, L. Ponson, S. Prades, E. Bouchaud, and C. Guillot, 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 135504 (2006).

- Two-Dimensional Scaling Properties of Experimental Fracture Surfaces,
L. Ponson, D. Bonamy, and E. Bouchaud,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 035506 (2006).

- Numerical study of temperature and porosity effects on the fracture propagation in a 2D network of elastic bonds,
H. Auradou, M. Zei, E. Bouchaud, Eur. Phys. B 44, 365-372 (2005).

- The morphology of fracture surfaces, a tool to understand crack propagation in complex materials,
E. Bouchaud,  Surf. Sci. Review & Lett. 10, 797-814 (2003).

- Crack fronts and damage in glass at the nanometer scale,
C. Marlière, S. Prades, F. Célarié, D. Dalams, D. Bonamy, L. Ferrero, A. Dickelé, C. Guillot, E. Bouchaud, 
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 15, S2377-S2386 (2003).

- Nano-ductile propagation in glasses under stress corrosion: spatio-temporal evolution of damage in the vicinity of the crack tip,
S. Prades, D. Bonamy, D. Dalmas, E. Bouchaud, C. Guillot,
Int. J. of Solids & Structures 42, 637-645 (2004).

-  Can crack front waves explain the roughness of cracks?
E. Bouchaud, J.-P. Bouchaud, D.S. Fisher, S. Ramanathan, J.R. Rice,
J. of the Mech. and Phys. of Sol. 50, 1703 (2002).

- Glass breaks like metals, but at the nanometer scale,
F. Célarié, S. Prades, D. Bonamy, L. Ferrero, E. Bouchaud, C. Guillot, C. Marlière,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 075504-1 (2003).

- Scaling properties of cracks,
E. Bouchaud, J. Phys. C : Condensed Matter 9, 4319 (1997).

- Fracture and damage at a microstructural scale,
E. Bouchaud, F. Paun, Computing in Science and Engineering 1(5) 32 (Sept.-Oct. 1999).

- Size effects in fracture: roughening of crack surfaces and asymptotic analysis,
S. Morel, E. Bouchaud, G. Valentin,  Phys. Rev. B 65, 104101-1 (2002).

- Pinning and depinning of crack fronts in heterogeneous materials,
P. Daguier, B. Nghiem, E. Bouchaud, F. Creuzet,  Phys. Rev. Lett. 78, 1062 (1997).

- Roughness of a crack front pinned by microstructural obstacles,
P. Daguier, E. Bouchaud, G. Lapasset,  Europhys. Lett. 31, 367 (1995).

- Quantitative analysis of a fracture surface by Atomic Force Microscopy,
P. Daguier, S. Hénaux, E. Bouchaud, F. Creuzet,  Phys. Rev. E 53, 5637 (1996).

- Models of fractal cracks,
J.-P. Bouchaud, E. Bouchaud, G.Lapasset, J. Planès,  Phys. Rev. Lett., 71, 2240, (1993).

- Fractal dimension of fractured surfaces: a universal value ?,
E. Bouchaud, G. Lapasset, J. Planès,  Europhysics Letters, 13, 73, (1990).

- Ductility and dynamic strain ageing of rapidly solidified aluminium alloys,
E. Bouchaud, L. Kubin, H. Octor, Met. Trans. ASME, 22A, 1021, (1990).

- Long range stress field produced by a planar assembly of edge dislocations : the effect of disorder,
E. Bouchaud, J.-P. Bouchaud, Phil. Mag. Lett., 65, 339, (1992).

- Dissolution of precipitates by migrating grain boundaries,
E. Bouchaud, J-P. Bouchaud, S. Naka, G. Lapasset, H. Octor,  Acta Metall. Mater, 40, 3451, (1992).


Ecole Centrale de Paris, Tutoring, Quantum Mechanics & Statistical Physics (2004-2005)
Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles de Paris, Tutoring, Statistical Physics (1997-1999, 2005)


Regional Editor International Journal of Fracture

Guest Appointments:
Lars Onsager Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU, Norway (2010)
Clark Millikan Visiting Professor, California Institute of Technology, USA (2006)
Visiting Professor, Louisiana State University, USA (2001)
Visiting Scientist, Cambridge University, UK (1992)


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