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Physicist - Division Physics  of Condensed Matter at CEA-SACLAY

Research director at CEA

Head of Lab Systèmes Physiques Hors-équilibres hYdrodynamiques éNergie et compleXité -- SPHYNX

Research topics

  • Dynamic fracture in brittle materials
  • (Statistical) Physics of fracture
  • Stress corrosion fracture of oxyde glasses
  • Rheology of granular media
  • Nanoscale surface morphology and patterning


Research Experiences

Since 2003,  Physicist in the Service de PHysique & Chimie des Surfaces & Interfaces (SPCSI), CEA Saclay, France
2003 Post-doctoral position in Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics, University of Texas, USA
2002 Post-doctoral position in Laboratoire des Verres (LDV), University Montpellier 2



2012 HDR in Physics (manuscript in pdf)
2001 PhD in Physics University Paris XI, Orsay.
1997 DEA in Plasma Physics: University Paris XI, Orsay
1997 Engineering diploma from Ecole Centrale Paris.


Honors and Awards

2016 Prix Aniuta Winter-Klein 2016 de l'Académie des Sciences
2006 Médaille Jean Rist, Société Française de Mécanique & Matériaux (SF2M)
2004 Prix "Le Monde" de la Recherche Universitaire   (Edition de la thèse aux "Editions Universitaires Européennes")
2002 Lavoisier fellowship, Ministère des Affaires Etrangères


Scientific publications

Recent publications in HAL-CEA

Marina Barlet, Jean-Marc Delaye, Bruno Boizot, Daniel Bonamy, Richard Caraballo, Sylvain Peuget, Cindy L Rountree
From network depolymerization to stress corrosion cracking in sodium-borosilicate glasses: Effect of the chemical composition
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 450, 174 (2016)

Keyvan Piroird, Véronique Lazarus, Georges Gauthier, Arnaud Lesaine, Daniel Bonamy, CL Rountree
Role of evaporation rate on the particle organization and crack patterns obtained by drying a colloidal layer
EPL 113 38002(2016)

Marina Barlet, Jean-Marc Delaye, Thibault Charpentier, Mickael Gennisson, Daniel Bonamy, Tanguy Rouxel, Cindy L Rountree
Hardness and toughness of sodium borosilicate glasses via Vickers's indentations
Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 417, 66 (2015)

T. Cambonie, J. Bares, M.L. Hattali, D. Bonamy, V. Lazarus, H. Auradou
Effect of the porosity on the fracture surface roughness of sintered materials: From anisotropic to isotropic self-affine scaling
Physical Review E 91, 012406 (2015)

M. Barlet, J-M. Delaye, M. Gennisson, R. Caraballo, B. Boizot, D. Bonamy, C.L. Rountree
Influence of Electronic Irradiation on Failure and Hardness Properties of Pure Silica Glasses
Procedia Materials Science 7, 286(2014)

J. Bares, M.L. Hattali, D. Dalmas, D. Bonamy
Fluctuations of Global Energy Release and Crackling in Nominally Brittle Heterogeneous Fracture
Physical Review Letters 113, 264301 (2014)

J. Bares, M. Barlet, C.L. Rountree, L. Barbier, D. Bonamy
Nominally brittle cracks in inhomogeneous solids: from microstructural disorder to continuum-level scale
Frontiers in Physics 2, 70 (2014)

J. Bares, L. Barbier, D. Bonamy
Crackling versus Continuumlike Dynamics in Brittle Failure
Physical Review Letters 111, 054301 (2013)

D. Dalmas, C. Guerra, J.Scheibert, D. Bonamy
Damage mechanisms in the dynamic fracture of nominally brittle polymers
International Journal of Fracture 184, 93 (2013)

M. L. Hattali, J Barés, L Ponson, D Bonamy
Low velocity surface fracture patterns in brittle material: A newly evidenced mechanical instability
Materials Science Forum 706-709, 920 (2013)

C. Guerra, J. Scheibert, D. Bonamy and D. Dalmas
Understanding fast macroscale fracture from microcrack post-mortem patterns
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 109, 390 (2012)

S. Patinet, D. Bonamy, and L. Proville,
Atomic-scale avalanche along dislocation in random crystal,
Physical Review B 84, 174101 (2011)

O. Bezencenet, D. Bonamy, R. Belkhou, P. Ohresser A. Barbier,
Origin and tailoring of the antiferromagnetic domains structure in thin films
Physical Review Letters 106, 107201 (2011)

D. Bonamy and E. Bouchaud
Failure of heterogeneous materials: A dynamic phase transition?
Physics Report 498, 1 (2011)

L. Ponson and D. Bonamy
Crack propagation in brittle heterogeneous solids: Material disorder and crack dynamics
International Journal of Fracture 162, 21 (2010)

C. L. Rountree, D. Bonamy, D. Dalmas, S. Prades, R. K. Kalia, C. Guillot, and E. Bouchaud
Fracture in glass via molecular dynamics simulations and atomic force microscopy experiments
Physics and Chemistry of Glasses - European Journal of Glass Science and Technology Part B 51, 127 (2010)

T. T. T. Nguyen, D. Bonamy, L. Phan Van, J. Cousty and L. Barbier
Scaling and universality in the kinetic smoothening of interfaces: Application to the analysis of the relaxation of rough vicinal steps of an oxide surface
EPL 89 60005 (2010)

J. Scheibert, C. Guerra, F. Célarié, D. Dalmas and D. Bonamy
Brittle-Quasibrittle Transition in Dynamic Fracture: An Energetic Signature
Physical Review Letters 104, 045501 (2010), Highlighted in Physical Review Focus

D. Bonamy
Intermittency and roughnening in the failure of brittle heterogeneous materials
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 42, 2114014 (2009)

P.-P. Cortet, D. Bonamy, F. Daviaud, O. Dauchot, B. Dubrulle, and M. Renouf
Relevance of visco-plastic theory in a multi-directional inhomogeneous granular flow
EPL 88, 14001 (2009)

D. Bonamy, P.-H. Chavanis, P.-P. Cortet, B. Dubrulle, F. Daviaud and M. Renouf
Euler-like modelling of dense granular flows: application to a rotating drum
European Physical Journal B 68, 619 (2009)

E. Bouchaud, D. Boivin, J.-L. Pouchou, D. Bonamy, B. Poon and G. Ravichandran
Fracture through cavitation in a metallic glass
EPL 83, 66006 (2008)

L. Barbier, D. Bonamy and L. Ponson
Reply to “Comment on `Cleaved surface of i-AlPdMn quasicrystals: Influence of the local temperature elevation at the crack tip on the fracture surface roughness' ”
Physical Review B 78, 216202 (2008).

T.T.T. Nguyen, D. Bonamy, L. P. Van, L. Barbier and J. Cousty
Coarsening of two-dimensional Al2O3 islands on vicinal (1,-1,0,2) sapphire surfaces during annealing in air
Surface Science 602, 3232 (2008)

S. Morel, D. Bonamy, L. Ponson and E. Bouchaud
Transient damage spreading and anomalous scaling in mortar crack surfaces
Physical Review E 78, 016112 (2008)

D. Bonamy, S. Santucci and L. Ponson
Crackling dynamics in material failure as the signature of a self-organized dynamic phase transition
Physical Review Letters 101, 045501, (2008),

L. Ponson, D. Bonamy, E. Bouchaud, G. Cordeiro, R. D. Toledo and E. M. R. Fairbairn
Path and dynamics of cracks propagating in a disordered material under mode I loading
In Fracture Mechanics of Concrete and Concrete Structures (ed. A. Carpinteri, Proceedings and Monographs in Engineering, Water and Earth Sciences Vol. 1-3), 63-67 (2007)

C.L. Rountree, S. Prades, D. Bonamy, E. Bouchaud, R. Kalia and C. Guillot
A unified study of crack propagation in amorphous silica: Using experiments and simulations
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 434, 60 (2007)

L. Ponson, D. Bonamy & L. Barbier
Cleaved surface of i-AlPdMn quasicrystals: Influence of the local temperature elevation at the crack tip on the fracture surface roughness
Physical Review B 74, 184205 (2006)

M. Bataille, L. Ponson, S. Gota, L. Barbier, D. Bonamy, M. Gautier-Soyer, C. Gatel and E. Snoeck
Characterization of antiphase boundary network in Fe3O4 epitaxial thin films: Effect on anomalous magnetic behaviour
Physical Review B 74, 155438 (2006)

A. Marchvenko, D. Fichou, D. Bonamy & E. Bouchaud
Time resolved observation of fracture events in mica crystal using scanning tunnelling microscopy
Applied Physics Letters 89, 093124 (2006)

D. Bonamy, L. Ponson, S. Prades, E. Bouchaud & C. Guillot
Scaling exponents for fracture surfaces in homogeneous glass and glassy ceramics

Physical Review Letters 97, 135504 (2006)

L. Ponson, D. Bonamy, H. Auradou, G. Mourot, S. Morel, E. Bouchaud, C. Guillot & J.-P. Hulin
Anisotropic self-affine properties of experimental fracture surfaces 
International Journal of Fracture 140, 27 (2006)

D. Bonamy, S. Prades, C. L. Rountree, L. Ponson, D. Dalmas, E. Bouchaud, K. Ravi-Chandar & C. Guillot
Nanoscale Damage During Fracture in Silica Glass
International Journal of Fracture 140, 3 (2006)

D. Bonamy, S. Prades, L. Ponson, D. Dalmas, C. L. Rountree, E. Bouchaud & C. Guillot
Experimental Investigation of damage and Fracture in Glassy Materials at the nanometer scale
International Journal of Material & Product Technology 26, 339 (2006)

L. Ponson, D. Bonamy & E. Bouchaud
Two dimensional scaling properties of experimental fracture surfaces
Physical Review Letters 96, 035506, (2006)

D. Bonamy
Matériaux granulaires et avalanches: le regard du physicien
In Sur les Chemins de la Découverte, Coordinated by Nayla Faruki, PUF Collection Partage du Savoir (2006)
ISBN : 978-2-13-054758-7

D. Bonamy & K. Ravi-Chandar
Dynamic Crack response to a localized shear pulse perturbation in brittle amorphous materials : On crack surface roughening 
International Journal of Fracture 134, 1 (2005)

M. Renouf, D. Bonamy, F. Dubois & P. Alart
Influence of lateral friction on the surface flow: a 3D numerical approach
In Powders & Grains 2005 (ed. : R. Garcia-Rojo, H.J. Herrmann, S. McNamara, publ : A.A. Balkema, Amsterdam), 77-80, (2005)

M. Renouf, D. Bonamy, F. Dubois & P. Alart
Numerical simulation of two-dimensional steady granular flows in rotating drum: On surface flow rheology
Physics of Fluids 17 103303, (2005)

S. Prades, D. Bonamy, D. Dalmas, E. Bouchaud & C. Guillot
Nano-ductile crack propagation in glasses under stress corrosion: Spatiotemporal evolution of damage in the vicinity of the crack tip

International Journal of Solids and Structures 42, 637-645 (2005)

D. Bonamy & K. Ravi-Chandar,
Comment on "Interaction of shear waves and propagating cracks" - Reply
Physical Review Letters 93, 099602 (2004)

D. Bonamy & K. Ravi-Chandar,
Interaction of shear waves and propagating cracks
Physical Review Letters 91, 235502 (2003)

C. Marlière, S. Prades, F. Célarié , D. Dalmas, D. Bonamy, C. Guillot & E. Bouchaud
Crack front and damage in glass at the nanometer scale
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 15, S2377 (2003)

F. Célarié, S. Prades, D. Bonamy, A. Dickelé, L. Ferrero, E. Bouchaud, C. Guillot & C. Marlière
Surface fracture of glassy materials as detected by real-time Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) experiments
Applied Surface Science 212, 92 (2003)

F. Célarié, S. Prades, D. Bonamy, L. Ferrero, E. Bouchaud, C. Guillot & C. Marlière
Glass break as metals, but at the nanometer scale

Physical Review Letters 90, 075504-1-4 (2003)

D. Bonamy, S. Bernard-Bernardet, F. Daviaud & L. Laurent
Rearrangements response of a granular packing to local surface perturbation
Physical Review E 68 042301 (2003)

D. Bonamy & P. Mills
Diphasic non-local model of granular surface flows
Europhysics Letters 63, 42 (2003)

D. Bonamy, F. Daviaud, L. Laurent & P. Mills
Texture of granular surface flows
Granular Matter 4, 183-190, (2003)

D. Bonamy, F. Daviaud, L. Laurent, M. Bonetti & J.P. Bouchaud
Multi-scale clustering in granular surface flows
Physical Review Letters 89, 034301-1-4 (2002)

D. Bonamy, F. Daviaud & L. Laurent
Experimental study of granular surface flows : a continuous description
Physics of Fluids 16, 1666-1673 (2002)

D. Bonamy, L. Laurent & F. Daviaud
Conductance électrique d'un empilement granulaire faiblement perturbé : sur l'origine de la fragilité granulaire
Récents progrès en génie des procédés, 15, 447-452 (2001)

D. Bonamy, L. Laurent & F. Daviaud
Electrical conductance of a thermally perturbed packing: on the origin of granular fragility
In Powders & Grains 2001 (ed. : Y. Kishino, publ : A.A. Balkema, Amsterdam), 77-80, (2001)

D. Bonamy, B. Faucherand, M. Planelles, F. Daviaud & L. Laurent,
Granular surface flows in a rotating drum: experiments and continuous description
In Powders & Grains 2001 (ed. : Y. Kishino, publ : A.A. Balkema, Amsterdam), 463-466, (2001)

D. Bonamy, B. Faucherand, L. Laurent & F. Daviaud
Avalanches dans un empilement granulaire quasi 2D
In Colloque Physique et Mécanique des Matériaux Granulaires, Champs sur Marnes, 2, 377-382 (2000)

D. Bonamy, L. Laurent, P. Claudin, J.P Bouchaud & F. Daviaud
Electrical conductance of a 2D packing of metallic beads under thermal perturbation
Europhysics Letters 51, 614-620 (2000)


2004-2008 Ecole Supérieur de Physique & Chimie Paris (ESPCI), tutoring in Statistical Physics

2000-2001 Ecole Centrale Paris (ECP), Instructed and assisted students in lab works on hydrothermal instabilities



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