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Univ. Paris-Saclay

Aurelie Solignac

Service de Physique de l'Etat Condensé

Laboratoire Nano-Magnétisme et Oxydes

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fax.png +33 1 69 08


Researcher in CEA since 2014

Sujets de recherche

  • Spin electronic based magnetic sensors
  • Local magnetic microscopy by magnetoresistive nanosensor integration
  • Thin films of functional oxides and magnetic materials
  • Magnetic coupling and interface effect


  • Since 2015: researcher in the Nanomagnetism and Oxides Laboratory
  • 2012 - 2014: Post-doctoral fellow in The Physics and Nanostructures group, Eindhoven University (NL)
  • 2012 : PhD Thesis in the Nanomagnetism and Oxides Laboratory

Publications scientifiques

-Ultrathin junctions based on the LaSrMnO/ Nb:SrTiO3 functional oxide interface,
G.Kurij, L.E.Calvet, R.Guerrero, T.Maroutian, G.Agnus, A.Solignac, Ph.Lecoeur,  Solid Thin Films (2016) in press.

-Field-free magnetization reversal by spin-Hall effect and exchange bias,
A. van den Brink, G. Vermijs, A. Solignac, J. Koo, J.T. Kohlhepp, H.J.M. Swagten, and B. Koopmans, Nature Communications 7, 10854 (2016).

- Spin electronic magnetic sensor based on functional oxides for medical imaging,
A. Solignac, G. Kurij, R. Guerrero, G. Agnus, T. Maroutian, C. Fermon, M. Pannetier-Lecoeur, Ph. Lecoeur, 
Proc. SPIE 9551, Spintronics VIII, 95512F (2015)

- Thickness dependence of the interfacial Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction in inversion symmetry broken systems,
J. Cho , N.-H. Kim , S. Lee1, J.-S. Kim, R. Lavrijsen, A. Solignac, Y. Yin, D.-S. Han, N.J.J. van Hoof, H.J.M. Swagten, B. Koopmans & C.-Y. You, 
Nature Communications 6, 7635 (2015).

- Low frequency noise in La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 based magnetic tunnel junctions,
R. Guerrero, A. Solignac, C. Fermon, M. Pannetier-Lecoeur, Ph. Lecoeur, R. Fernández-Pacheco, Applied Physics Letters 100, 142402 (2012)

- Dual antiferromagnetic coupling at La0.67Sr0.33MnO3/SrRuO3 interfaces,
A. Solignac, R. Guerrero, P. Gogol, T. Maroutian, F. Ott, L. Largeau, Ph. Lecoeur, M. Pannetier-Lecoeur, Physical Review Letters 109, 027201 (2012)                                    

- Temperature study of the antiferromagnetic coupling at the interface of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 and SrRuO3 bilayers,
A. Solignac,  R. Guerrero, P. Gogol, T. Maroutian, F. Ott, Ph. Lecoeur, C. Fermon, M. Pannetier-Lecoeur,  IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 48, 4363-4366 (2012)          

- Noise and electric field characterization of irradiated SrTiO3 ,
R. Guerrero, A. Solignac, M. Pannetier-Lecoeur, C. Fermon, P. Auban-Senzier, L. Lemberger, C. Pasquier, Y. Apertet, Ph. Lecoeur, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 303, 012063 (2011)

- Magnetic tunnels junctions for all-oxide spin valves devices,
A. Solignac, R. Guerrero, G. Agnus, C. Fermon, M. Pannetier-Lecoeur, Ph. Lecoeur, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 303, 012059 (2011)

- All-oxide magnetic field sensor,
A. Solignac, R. Guerrero, G. Agnus, Ph. Lecoeur, M. Pannetier-Lecoeur, ICST  Conference Proceedings (2011)

- Unusual low-frequency noise in irradiated SrTiO3,
R. Guerrero, A. Solignac, M. Pannetier-Lecoeur, Y. Apertet, P. Lecoeur, and C. Fermon, Physical Review B,  82, 035102 (2010).

- Photoluminescence studies of arsenic-doped Hg1−xCdxTe epilayers,
I. C. Robin, M. Taupin, R. Derone, A. Solignac, P. Ballet, and A. Lusson , Applied Physics Letters 95, 202104 (2009)


2010-2012 - Couches minces pour l’électronique / Introduction à la microélectronique et à l'electronique de spin





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