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Univ. Paris-Saclay
Service des Photons Atomes et Molécules

 SPAM is a research laboratory belonging to Iramis (Saclay Institute of Matter and Radiation) attached to the Division of Matter Sciences at CEA, dedicated to fundamental research in the field of photon-matter interaction and opening also in numerous applications. 

SPAM is a member of RTRA "Triangle de la Physique", LABEX PALM and IDEX Paris-Saclay. SPAM hosts a femtosecond laser platform (SLIC) member of the LASERLAB European network and is involved in two EQUIPEX: CILEX and ATTOLAB.

The research themes developed in its laboratories are presented below.

 Physic à High Intensity

  Saclay Laser Interaction Center


Study of Matter under Extreme Conditions

Studies on the 'Servers Lasers Femto Second'

Study of the ultra-fast electric dynamic in a strong laser field



Francis Perrin Laboratory

Study of Physical Chemistry of Molecular Structures

 High-Energy-Density Matter

 Study of the physics of warm and dense plasmas



#465 - Màj : 13/06/2013
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Modeling DNA excitons : Modeling DNA excitons We have modeled the Franck-Condon excited states of DNA duplexes and G-quadruplexes. Our calculations were performed in the frame of the exciton theory combining molecular dynamics simulations (collaboration with Richard Lavery and Krystyna Zakrzewska) and data from quantum chemistry (atomic transition charges for the calculation of dipolar coupling).
Operational Statistics of SLIC Facilities : SLIC facilities typically provide 900 experimental laser days per year. LUCA annually offers 540 days whereas UHI and PLFA provide 180 days each. On average, more than 85 scientists access SLIC facilities every year. Most of the available beamtime is used internally by CEA scientists (so-called “internal access”), often in collaboration with external researchers.
SLIC European Access : SLIC has become a "European Major Research Infrastructure" in 2003 within the FP5 European program. Since 2004, SLIC is a partner of the FP6 LASERLAB-EUROPE I3 (Integrated Initiative of Infrastructures) consortium in which it had a significant implication in the Access activity.
SLIC National Access : Le SLIC (Saclay Laser-Matter Interaction Center, IRAMIS-CEA), le LOA (Laboratoire d'Optique Appliquée, ENSTA Paris Tech) et le CELIA (CEntre Lasers Intenses et Applications, Université de Bordeaux 1) offrent conjointement aux laboratoires et équipes de recherche français la possibilité d'effectuer des expériences sur leurs installations laser. Les appels d'offres sont annuels et ont lieu dans la période mi-octobre à début novembre.


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