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Sujet de stage / Master 2 Internship

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Towards optical cycle dynamics in solids.

Contact: GUIZARD Stephane, , stephane.guizard@cea.fr, +33 1 69 08 78 86
This internship is part of a research project, funded by the french Agency ANR, whose purpose is to probe the carrier dynamics in solids with ultimate femtosecond and sub-femtosecond resolution, by developing new optical pump-probe methods on the Equipex Attolab, at LOA (ENSTA) and at L’Orme des Merisiers (CEA- Université Paris Saclay).
Possibility of continuation in PhD: Oui
Deadline for application:31/03/2023

Full description:
The fundamental TOCYDYS (Toward Optical Cycle Dynamics in Solids) research program aims to probe the dynamics of solids with temporal resolution at the optical cycle scale and to cross the femtosecond resolution limit. We will initially concentrate on insulators such as silica and quartz (SiO2) or sapphire (Al2o3).
The experiments will be carried out on the facilities recently opened at LOA and LIDYL of Equipex Attolab (http://attolab.fr/), where we will have access to phase-stabilized lasers and associated ultra short VUV pulses.
The experiments will consist of exciting the samples with pulses of a few optical cycles (intensity in the range 1012 to 1015 W/cm2) and probing the dynamics by measuring change of reflectivity, in the IR and visible domains, then with attosecond pulse trains in the VUV.
We will have direct access to the physical mechanisms of the material laser interaction and to the initial stages of the electronic relaxation of the solid: multiphoton, tunnel or Zener ionization, modulation of the band gap, inelastic diffusion of the carriers, impact ionization, Auger effect, etc.
During the first part of the program, at the Laboratory of Applied Optics- LOA, the measurements will be made in the visible and near IR domains, with the objective to achieve the resolution of the optical cycle. Then, in the second part, we will construct a set-up for the reflectivity measurement in the VUV domain, capable of recording variations in the amplitude of the probe pulse, but also of the phase using spatial interferometry in the VUV domain.
The TOCYDYS research program received funding from the National Research Agency (ANR) for the period 2020-2023. So the Masters internship is funded. The experimental part will be conducted at LOA in collaboration with Davide Boschetto (https://loa.ensta-paristech.fr/research/appli-research-group/) or at the attolab facility (CEA Saclay-Orme des Merisiers, http://attolab.fr/ ).
Technics/methods used during the internship:
Femtosecond lasers, optical pump probe techniques, synchronous detection.

Tutor of the internship
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