During the last years intensive research activity in the field of nanomaterials lead to tremendous improvement and discoveries in the fields of novel materials including their preparation, characterization, properties and applications. ICON2 is an interdisciplinary conference with the aim of facilitating discussions and scientific interactions on fine chemistry, biomaterials, functional polymers, energy storage and conversion materials, nano materials, ceramic materials, metallic materials, and other novel materials. A session will be dedicated to time resolved experiments and especially laser pump / synchrotron based spectroscopy and related techniques (X-FEL, HHG, 2PPE) at time scale ranging from millisecond to femtosecond to promote this growing research field.

The objective of this conference is to bring together students, experts, scientists and researchers in a collaborative environment to present and discuss issues relating to nanomaterial engineering and characterisation as well as nanomaterial applications. It provides a platform for people working in this field to share their respective knowledge and experiences and to develop new ideas to improve nanomaterial technology.






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