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Univ. Paris-Saclay


Nanosciences et Innovation pour les Matériaux, la Biomédecine et l'Énergie

Laboratoire Innovation, Chimie des Surfaces Et Nanosciences




PhD Student under the supervision of Renaud Cornut and Vincent Derycke


Current work

Electrochemical and electronic properties of controlled stacked 2D materials     

In order to study 2D materials, this work focuses on a new optical microscopy technique called Backside Absorbing Layer Microscopy (BALM). It uses absorbing anti-reflection layers to achieve extreme contrast at an interface. It combines the vertical sub-nm sensitivity of an AFM with the versatility and real-time imaging capabilities of an optical microscope.

Recently, we showed how this technique allows observing 2D materials and their chemical modification with unprecedented resolution (1). As an example, Fig. 1a displays single-layer graphene oxide flakes (GO) observed with BALM. It notably allows to directly identifying stacks, folds, wrinkles and defects. And Fig. 1b displays a single layer Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) with the beginning of a second layer.

The BALM geometry and its capability to image surfaces and nanomaterials in liquid are ideally suited to its coupling with electrochemistry. As a simple example, Fig. 2 presents the in situ monitoring of the electrodeposition of copper on gold by chronoamperometry (1).




Since October 2016 PhD student, LICSEN, CEA Saclay

2016 Dual Master's degree in Chemistry and Materials



2016: 4 months at Sherbrooke University, Canada, under the supervision of Professor Gervais Soucy

"Plasma synthesis of silicon nanopowders"

2015: 6 months at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia, under the supervision of Professor Pedro M. Da Costa

"Carbon-based composite nanostructures for energy storage applications"

2014: 7 months at Philips, the Netherlands, under the supervision of Dr. Sepas Setayesh

"Influence of graphene as masterbatch on the mechanical and physical properties of Polypropylene and Polyamide 6-6"

2013: 2 months in the Charles Gerhardt Institute, France, under the supervision of Dr. Benjamin Campagne

"Thermal stability and oxidizing environment of crosslinked membranes for fuel cells working at high temperatures (120-200°C) and low rate of relative humidity (RH<25%)"



  Ideal optical contrast for 2D material observation using bi-layer antireflection absorbing substrates

  K. Jaouen, R. Cornut, D. Ausserré, S. Campidelli and V. Derycke

  Nanoscale 11, 6129-6135 (2019).





  Backside absorbing layer microscopy: Watching graphene chemistry

  S. Campidelli, R.A. Khachfe, K. Jaouen, J. Monteiller, C. Amra, M. Zerrad, R. Cornut, V. Derycke and D. Ausserré

  Science Advances 3, e1601724 (2017).







  Localized electrochemistry for the investigation and the modification of 2D materials

  K. Jaouen, O. Henrotte, S. Campidelli, B. Jousselme, V. Derycke and R. Cornut

  Applied Materials Today 8, 116-124 (2017).






  Electronic transport of MoS2 mono-layered flakes investigated by scanning electrochemical microscopy

  O. Henrotte, T. Bottein, H. Casademont, K. Jaouen, T. Bourgeteau, S. Campidelli, V. Derycke, B. Jousselme and R. Cornut

  ChemPhysChem 18, 2777 (2017).






Rational design of reduced graphene oxide for superior performance of supercapacitor electrodes

S. Rasul, A. Alazmi, K. Jaouen, M.N. Hedhili and P.M.F.J. Costa

Carbon 111, 774-781 (2017). 


Scientific meetings

- Oral and poster presentations at  69th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry

"Watching electrochemistry with BALM optical microscopy"

K. Jaouen, S. Campidelli, B. Jousselme, V. Derycke and R. Cornut

Bologna, Italy, September 2-7th 2018

Winner of the Best Poster Prize of symposium 2: Hyphenated-Techniques Incorporating Analytical Electrochemistry


- Oral presentation at Elecnano8

"Watching electrochemistry with BALM optical microscopy"

K. Jaouen, S. Campidelli, B. Jousselme, V. Derycke and R. Cornut

Nancy, France, June 29-31th 2018


- Poster presentation at Journée scientifique du Labex Nanosaclay

"HeVeRest: Vertical heterostructures of 2D materials organised and studied by high resolution optical microscopy"

K. Jaouen, S. Campidelli, B. Jousselme, D. Ausserré, V. Derycke and R. Cornut

Gif sur Yvette, France, October 3rd 2017


- Poster presentation at 11th International Summer Shools on N&N, OE & Nanomedicine

"Backside Absorbing Layer Microscopy (BALM): a new tool to study nanomaterials and their electrochemical properties"

K. Jaouen, S. Campidelli, B. Jousselme, D. Ausserré, V. Derycke and R. Cornut

Thessaloniki, Greece, July 1-8th 2017


- Oral presentation at Journées d'Electrochimie 2017

"Coupling electrochemistry with Backside Absorbing Layer Microscopy (BALM) for in-situ imaging surface reactions"

K. Jaouen, S. Campidelli, B. Jousselme, D. Ausserré, V. Derycke and R. Cornut

Bordeaux, France, June 26-29th 2017


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