Antoine Thill

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Domain of interest

Structure and dynamic of nanoparticles (nucleation, growth, aggregation, drying).
Synthesis and physicochemical properties of imogolite and imogolite-like nanotubes.

Education and qualification

Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) (2008)
(HDR: French post-doctoral degree allowing its holder to supervise PhD students)
post-doc at CEA Saclay. DSM/DRECAM.
post-doc at Rice university Houston. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Pr. Mark Wiesner)
phD at the CEREGE (Aix Marseille III university) (1999) ENSG engineer (1995).

Research and teaching career

Permanent staff member since 2002 at the CEA/DRF/IRaMiS/NIMBE/LIONS.

ISIPCA/EFCM physico-chemistry lecture

Formation Sitelesc INSTN Grenoble ''Maîtrise des risques liés aux nanoparticules."

Active Grants and organisations

RESPORE2019-2020 "Timbale"
ANR2017-2020 ANR "4WATER"
ANR2015-2018 ANR "Enlarger"
Labex NanoSaclayLabex valorisation project PRODIGE

Former Grants and organisations

Cnano2016-2018 Cnano IdF "HIPPOP"
Labex PALMLabex project ECRIN
European projectEMPIR Innanopart project on metrology of nanoparticles.
co-director of the GdRi iCEINT
Labex NanoSaclayLabex project on Imogolite hydratation (PI: Erwan Paineau)
ANR2012-2015 ANR blanc SIMI8 "HIMO2" (PI)
ANR2010-2014 ANR P2N "MESSONET" (PI: Jean-Yves Bottero)
CEA2010-2011 grant from the DSM energy initiative : "SUN_Sponge"
RTRA2011 RTRA Triangle de la Physique: project "Eaunano"
ANSES2010-2013 grant from the ANSES : "NanotoxIMO"
CEA2010-2011 grant from the nanosciences programme : "IMOCable"
Cnano2009-2012 Cnano IdF "EnSeine"
RTRA2010 RTRA Triangle de la Physique: project "Imogolite2010"
Cnano2009-2012 Cnano IdF "SinSem"
RTRA2009 RTRA Triangle de la Physique: project "MoMac"
Cnano2006-2008 Cnano IdF "MicroNanOx"
ANR2007-2009 ANR chemistry "TOward COloidal MOlecules"
ANR2006-2008 ANR ECCO "multiscale analysis of physico-chemical and biological interactions between manufactured nanoparticles and bacteria."
ANR2003-2005 ACI CNRS/INSU ECCO "ecotoxicity of manufactured nanoparticles".

Scientific publications

55) Pierre Picot, Yuanyuan Liao, Elodie Barruet, Frédéric Gobeaux, Thibaud Corradin, Antoine Thill. Exploring Hybrid Imogolite Nanotube Formation via Si/Al Stoichiometry Control. Langmuir, 34, 44, 13225-13234 (2018) (DOI)

54) Yuanyuan Liao, Pierre Picot, Maxime Lainé, Jean-Blaise Brubach, Pascale Roy, Antoine Thill, Sophie Le Caër. Tuning the properties of confined water in standard and hybrid nanotubes: An infrared spectroscopic study. Nano Research, 11, 9, 4759-4773 (2018) (DOI)

53) Yuanyuan Liao, Pierre Picot, Jean-Blaise Brubach, Pascale Roy, Sophie Le Caër, Antoine Thill. Self-supporting thin films of imogolite and imogolite-like nanotubes for infrared spectroscopy. Applied Clay Science, 164, 58-67 (2018) (DOI)

52) Peixin Du, Peng Yuan, Antoine Thill, Faïza Annabi-Bergaya, Dong Liu, Shun Wang. Insights into the formation mechanism of imogolite from a full-range observation of its sol-gel growth. Applied Clay Science, 150, 115-124 (2017) (DOI)

51) Antoine Thill, Pierre Picot, Luc Belloni. A mechanism for the sphere/tube shape transition of nanoparticles with an imogolite local structure (imogolite and allophane). Applied Clay Science, 141, 308-315 (2017) (DOI)

50) Pierre Picot, Olivier Taché, Florent Malloggi, Thibaut Coradin, Antoine Thill. Behaviour of hybrid inside/out Janus nanotubes at an oil/water interface. A route to self-assembled nanofluidics? Faraday Discussions, 191, 391-406 (2016) (DOI)

49) Anthony Désert, Jérémy Morele, Jean-Christophe Taveau, Olivier Lambert, Muriel Lansalot, Elodie Bourgeat-Lami, Antoine Thill, Olivier Spalla, Luc Belloni, Serge Ravaine and Etienne Duguet. Multipod-like silica/polystyrene clusters. Nanoscale, 8, 5454-5469 (2016) (DOI)

48) Sarah Fouilloux, Florent Malloggi, Jean Daillant and Antoine Thill. Aging mechanism in model Pickering emulsion. Soft Matter, 12, 900-904 (2016) (DOI)

47) Erwan Paineau, Marie-Eve M. Krapf, Mohamed-Salah Amara, Natalia V. Matskova, Ivan Dozov, Stéphan Rouzière, Antoine Thill, Pascale Launois and Patrick Davidson. A liquid-crystalline hexagonal columnar phase in highly-dilute suspensions of imogolite nanotubes. Nature Communications, 7, 10271 (2016) (DOI)

46) Mohamed Salah Amara, Erwan Paineau, Stéphan Rouzière, Béatrice Guiose, Marie-Eve M. Krapf, Olivier Taché, Pascale Launois, and Antoine Thill. Hybrid, Tunable-Diameter, Metal Oxide Nanotubes for Trapping of Organic Molecules. Chemistry of Materials, 27 (5) 1488-1494 (2015) (DOI)

45) Sybille van den Brule, Emilie Beckers, Perrine Chaurand, Wei Liu, Saloua Ibouraadaten, Mihaly Palmai-Pallag, Francine Uwambayinema, Yousof Yakoub, Astrid Avellan, Clément Levard, Vincent Haufroid, Etienne Marbaix, Antoine Thill, Dominique Lison, Jérôme Rose . Nanometer-long Ge-imogolite nanotubes cause sustained lung inflammation and fibrosis in rats. Particle and Fiber Toxicology, 11 (67) (2014) (DOI)

45) Sybille van den Brule, Emilie Beckers, Perrine Chaurand, Wei Liu, Saloua Ibouraadaten, Mihaly Palmai-Pallag, Francine Uwambayinema, Yousof Yakoub, Astrid Avellan, Clément Levard, Vincent Haufroid, Etienne Marbaix, Antoine Thill, Dominique Lison, Jérôme Rose . Nanometer-long Ge-imogolite nanotubes cause sustained lung inflammation and fibrosis in rats. Particle and Fiber Toxicology, 11 (67) (2014) (DOI)

44) Anthony Désert, Céline Hubert, Antoine Thill, Olivier Spalla, Jean-Christophe Taveau, Olivier Lambert, Muriel Lansalot, Elodie Bourgeat-Lami, Etienne Duguet, Serge Ravaine. Regioselective Coating of Tetrapod-like Clusters with Silica. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 604 (1) 27-32 (2014) (DOI)

43) Antonia Praetorius, Jérôme Labille, Martin Scheringer, Antoine Thill, Konrad Hungerbühler, Jean-Yves Bottero, Heteroaggregation of Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles with Model Natural Colloids under Environmentally Relevant Conditions. Environmental Science and Technology, 48 (18) 10690-10698 (2014) (DOI)

42) Astrid Avellan, Clement Levard, Naresh Kumar, Jérôme Rose, Luca Olivi, Antoine Thill, Perrine Chaurand, Daniel Borschneck and Armand Masion, Structural incorporation of iron into Ge-imogolite nanotubes: a promising step for innovative nanomaterials. RCS Advances, (accepted manuscript) (2014) (DOI)

41) Boyer M, Paineau E, Bacia-Verloop M, Thill A, Aqueous dispersion state of amphiphilic hybrid aluminosilicate nanotubes, Applied Clay Science, 96, 45-49 (2014) (DOI)

40) Amara MS, Paineau E, Bacia-Verloop M, Krapf ME, Davidson P, Belloni L, Levard C, Rose J, Launois P, Thill A, Single-step formation of micron long (OH)3Al2O3Ge(OH) imogolite-like nanotubes, Chem. Comm. 49, 11284-11286 (2013) (DOI)

39) Désert A, Hubert C, Fu Z, Moulet L, Majimel J, Barboteau P, Thill A, Lansalot M, Bourgeat-Lami E, Duguet E, Ravaine S, Synthesis and Site-Specific Functionalization of Tetravalent, Hexavalent, and Dodecavalent Silica Particles, Angewandt Chemie 52, 1-6 (2013) (DOI)

38) Artells E, Issartel J, Auffan M, Borschneck D, Thill A, et al. Exposure to Cerium Dioxide Nanoparticles Differently Affect Swimming Performance and Survival in Two Daphnid Species. PLoS ONE 8(8): e71260.(DOI)

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36) Thill A, Guiose B, Bacia-Verloop M, Geertsen V, Belloni L. , How the Diameter and Structure of (OH)3Al2O3SixGe1-xOH Imogolite Nanotubes are Controlled by an Adhesion vs Curvature Competition, J. Phys. Chem. C 116(51) 26841-26849 (2012) (DOI)

35) Zgheib N, Puteaux JL, Thill A, Bourgeat-Lami E, D'Agnosto F, Lansalot M, Cerium oxide encapsulation by emulsion polymerization using hydrophilic macroRAFT agents, Polymer Chemistry, 4(3) 607-614 (2013) (DOI)

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33) Parvole J, Chaduc I, Ako K, Spalla O, Thill A, Ravaine S, Duguet E, Lansalot M, Bourgeat-Lami E, Efficient Synthesis of Snowman- and Dumbbell-like Silica/Polymer Anisotropic Heterodimers through Emulsion Polymerization Using a Surface-Anchored Cationic Initiator, Macromolecules, 45 (17), 7009-7018 (2012) (DOI)

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Conferences (no longer updated...Sorry)

Nanocarbons 2011 ESF conference (flyer here),

6-11 september 2011.
Hotel Villa del Mare, Acquafredda di Maratea, Italy. A. Thill, Matériaux 2010, Nantes, 18-22 october 2010

A. Thill, YESS09 conference, synchrotron Soleil, Paris, 16-18 november 2009

J.Y. Bottero, Colloque de l'académie des sciences, Environmental Mineralogy, 14-15 September, Paris

A. Thill, CEINT conference, Washingthon 9-11 september, USA

A. Thill, Goldschmidt 2009, Davos, Suisse

A. Masion, Goldschmidt 2009, Davos, Suisse

A. Thill, Cabe, Genève

A. Thill, ESF, San Feliu de Guixols

A. Thill, Matériaux 2006, Dijon

A. Thill, Galerne 2006, Mulhouse

Rose et al. Goldschmidt 2006, Melbourne

A. Thill ACS 2005, Washington

A. Thill Goldscmidt, 2004, Copenhague

A. Thill ECIS 2002, Paris

A. Thill EMRS 2002,

O. Spalla et al., ACS, 2000

H. Grout, Almofront 2 meeting, 1999, Marseille

V. Tomao et al., B, Pittcom conference, 1997, Atlanta

A. Thill, ACS 1997, University of Delaware.

A.Thill, Colloidal Processes in the Environment, 1996, Aix-En-Provence.