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Univ. Paris-Saclay
Materials for new energy technologies
 Materials for new energy technologies

Dispositif pour la synthèse de nanoparticules de type c½ur-coquille par pyrolyse laser pour les accumulateurs Li-ion.

Discovering and mastering new technologies for energy (NTE) are major issues for diversifying our energy production, its conversion and optimization of the energy storage, while better managing the emissions of greenhouse gases ("low carbon" energy).

In that field, IRAMIS carry material research for new energy technologies, based on its fundamental research in nanoscience, nanochemistry and functionalization of nano-objects, including:

  • The production of electrical energy (photovoltaïc, fuel cells, thermoelectricity)

  • The optimized energy management (water photoelectrolysis, electrical energy storage in batteries or supercapacitors - but also chemical recycling, with the conversion of CO2 into high value molecules.

  • Recycling of critical materials, which is a challenge for the development of new energies.

  • IRAMIS develops a complementary activity on the cleanup and recycling of rare elements, two strategic thematics in the scope of the energy transition.


Maj : 10/10/2018 (2530)

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