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Univ. Paris-Saclay
Durability and aging of materials
  Durability and aging of materials

Elemental isotopic mapping of a corrosion layer.

Understanding the  mechanisms of materials aging in their operating environment, so as to predict the lifetime of the components or to optimize it, is an important issue of low carbon energies, whether it is nuclear energy (fusion , fission) or new energy technologies.

IRAMIS has a solid experience in the field of nuclear materials aging. It is based on its radiation stations (ions, electrons, gamma) and well-adapted characterization tools together with simulations, able to follow the structural changes and defects created. The materials studied are storage glasses, concrete materials or polymers used in the nuclear waste packages, ceramics, and steels (corrosion).  Building on its experience and know-how in the nuclear field, IRAMIS develops research on the mechanisms of aging of materials for new energy technology, key point of their development: accelerated aging of electrolytes and battery electrodes, lifetime of solar cells used in space missions.


Maj : 10/10/2018 (2516)

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Plusieurs pays envisagent de développer une technologie de barrières multiples pour la sécurité du stockage des déchets nucléaires.


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