(photo: Pief Orfila, 8 December 2023) (see us animated at the bottom of this page!)

Quantronics (QUANTum physics and electrRONICS) deals with the physics and applications of electrical circuits whose properties can only be understood if their collective degrees of freedom, like charges and magnetic fluxes, are treated quantum-mechanically. As these artificial quantum systems can be designed and fabricated with great flexibility, we harness them to address a broad variety of questions on quantum physics (mesoscopic superconductivity, spin resonance…) and on quantum technologies (information, computing, detectors…). Most of our circuits are made of superconducting materials, to get rid of low energy dissipation channels, and measured at deep sub-Kelvin temperatures. Microwave measurements, in particular time-domain and circuit-QED techniques, are by now our workhorse to probe these systems.

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