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CEA lead scientist in fundamental research on Condensed Matter - Senior lecturer at École Polytechnique.

Research Interests:

Project leader on the development of Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy (MRFM) at the CEA in France. MRFMs are inspired by magnetic force microscope. A micron-size permanent magnet is affixed at the free end of a clamped cantilever and placed in the stray field of the sample.  The resulting point load on the tip induces an elastic deformation of the cantilever. Changes in the deformation are monitored when the magnetic resonance is electromagnetically excited in the sample. Dimensional analysis shows that cantilevers are better detectors compared to coils when it comes to volume size below the micron scale.  Ultra-soft cantilevers have achieved the sensitivity to detect single spin albeit in stringent conditions: vacuum, large field and sub-Kelvin temperatures.

Present-2004: Spin transfer effects and magnetic vortices.

2004-2000: Non-linear dynamics in ferromagnets. Spin relaxation mechanisms.  Spin-wave confinement in sub-micron size structures.

2000-1996: Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Bubble and maze magnetic structures. Domain wall resistance.

1995-1993: Transport properties of single electron transistors. Magnetic properties of quantum dots created by the lateral confinement of two-dimensional electron gas in GaAs heterostructures.  Evolution of their macrospin with magnetic field using the resonant tunneling potential as a probe.

1990-1993: Characterization of the microwave properties of superconductors and coherence effects: a characteristic peak that appears in the temperature dependence of the optical conductivity, which is a signature of the pairing symmetry in the condensate.


Olivier KLEIN

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