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International Workshop
Nitrogen Compounds in Radiation Chemistry

Thursday June the 11th, 2009
Nantes, Ecole des Mines, France

Workshop program

Topics covered would include experimental and theoretical approaches, applied and fundamental researches:

June the 11th,

Morning / Transportation from the Hotel

10h - Introduction (15' - G. BALDACCHINO / S. PERRIN)

Session 1. Nitrate and Ammonia in radiation chemistry in nuclear cycle.

10h15 - H.E SIMS (UK - NNL Sellafield) : "Radiation Chemistry of Nitrogen Compounds in Nuclear Power Plant"

11h15 - G.R. DEY (India - BARC Mumbai) : "Nitrogen Compounds Formation in the Radiolysis of Aqueous Solutions"

Coffee break

Session 2. Formation of Nitrogen compounds and Effects in Nuclear installations.

11h30 - C.E. VAUDEY et al. (FR - IPNL Lyon) : "Radiolytic corrosion of nuclear graphite studied with the dedicated gas irradiation cell of IPNL"

12h15 - Lunch

Session 3. NOx in biological systems and atmospheric chemistry.

14h - J.L. BOUCHER (FR - Univ Paris 5) : "Roles and biosynthesis of NO in eukaryotes and procaryotes"

15h - W.H. KOPPENOL (S - ETH Zrich) : "Chemistry of NOx"

Coffee break

Session 4. Real time and final products analysis.

16h15 - E. JANATA (D. - BERLIN) : "Yield of OH in N2O saturated aqueous solution"

17h - V. DAUVOIS (FR - CEA Saclay) : "Analytical strategy for the study of radiolysis gases"

18h - Round table / Discussion

Transportation and Dinner at the Hotel


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