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International Workshop
Nitrogen Compounds in Radiation Chemistry

Thursday June the 11th, 2009
Nantes, Ecole des Mines, France

Organizers: Gérard Baldacchino, Stéphane Perrin, Damien Féron and Bernard Rousseau (CEA, Saclay),
Local organizer: Massoud Fattahi-Vanani (SUBATECH, Ecole des Mines de Nantes),
International Advisory Board: Simon Pimblott (UK), James Wishart (USA), Yosuke Katsumura (Japan), Mehran Mostafavi (Fr),
CEA Board: Valérie Cabuil, Stanislas Pommeret, Valérie Moulin, Philippe Guétat, Philippe Simonetti, Olivier Raquet, Bernard Rousseau, Serge Bouffard

Workshop Program :

Water radiolysis in presence of N2 is probably the topic the most controversed in the field of water radiolysis. It still exists a strong discrepancy between the different reports of ammonia formation by water radiolysis in presence of N2 and moreover in absence of oxygen there is no agreement on the formation or not of nitrogen oxide like NO2- and NO3-.
These discrepancies come from multiple sources : - the complexity of the reaction mechanisms where nitrogen is involved - the experimental difficulties - and, the irradiation conditions.
The aim of the workshop is to capitalize the knowledge needed to go further in simulations and understanding the problems caused (or not) by the presence of nitrogen / water in the environment of radiative materials. Implications are evident in terms of corrosion, understanding of biological systems and atmospheric chemistry under radiation.

Topics covered would include experimental and theoretical approaches, applied and fundamental researches:

1. Nitrate and Ammonia in radiation chemistry in nuclear cycle.
2. NOx in biological systems and atmospheric chemistry.
3. Formation of Nitrogen compounds in Nuclear installations.
4. Nitrogen in future power plant projects (Gen4, ITER...) and large particle accelerators.

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